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How to get the status of unemployed?

The status of unemployed is granted to persons specified in part one of Article 43 of the Law of Ukraine โ€œOn Population Employmentโ€ mceclip0.png.

Such persons include:

  • persons of working age before retirement (including retirement on preferential terms or for years of service) who, due to lack of work, do not have earnings or other income stipulated by law, are ready and able to start work;
  • persons with disabilities who have not reached the retirement age established by Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine โ€œOn Mandatory State Pension Insuranceโ€ and receive a disability pension or social assistance under the laws of Ukraine โ€œOn State Social Assistance to Persons with Disabilities from childhood and children with disabilitiesโ€ and โ€œOn state social assistance to persons who are not entitled to a pension and persons with disabilitiesโ€;
  • persons younger than 16 years of age who worked and were dismissed due to the changes in the organization of production and labor, in particular, termination or repurposing of enterprises, institutions and organizations, reduction in the number (staff) of employees;
  • a single mother (father) who cares for a child with a disability and one of the parents, adoptive parents, parents-educators of a family-type orphanage, an adoptive parent, guardian, custodian of a child with a disability of subgroup A, who in accordance with the Law of Ukraine โ€œOn state social assistance to persons with disabilities from childhood and children with disabilitiesโ€ have the right to receive a child care allowance.

The status of unemployed is granted to the persons specified in the first part of this article based on their personal application (including those submitted using electronic identification) in the event of a lack of suitable work from the first day of registration in the territorial bodies of the central executive power which implements the state policy in the sphere of population employment and labor migration, regardless of the registered place of residence or place of stay.

You can get this status in: regional, city, district, city-district employment centers or a branch of a regional employment center.

To obtain unemployment status, IDPs apply to the employment center at their place of residence with an application for unemployment status.

During martial law, a person who is in the territory of territorial communities located in the area of โ€‹โ€‹military (combat) operations or who is under temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade) can apply to any employment center by any means of communication available, including electronic, with an application for granting the status of unemployed.

It is possible to order the service by submitting an application for the service online on the website mceclip0.png.

The applicant can receive the service results in person or on the website mceclip0.png.

What documents must be submitted to obtain the status of unemployed?

To obtain the status of unemployed, you will need the following documents:

  1. Application for granting (renewing) the unemployed status (including an electronic form).
  2. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine, e-passport, e-passport for travel abroad, or other document certifying identity and confirming Ukrainian citizenship, or eDocument (for the period of martial law).
  3. Permanent residence permit or certificate of a refugee or a person in need of additional protection or who has been granted temporary protection (applied by foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, recognized in Ukraine as refugees or persons in need of additional protection who have been granted in asylum or temporary protection in Ukraine, as well as those who received permission to immigrate).
  4. Certificate of assignment of the taxpayer registration card number (except for physical persons who, due to their religious beliefs, refuse to accept the taxpayer registration card number, have reported this to the relevant body of the state tax service and have a mark in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine) or electronic display information about the taxpayer registration card number, including in the form of electronic display of the information contained in documents issued using the means of the Unified State Demographic Register.
  5. Employment book (if available) or a civil law contract, information about employment from the register of insured persons of the State Register of Mandatory State Social Insurance (electronic employment record), or a document confirming the termination of the last employment.
  6. Document on education or its duplicate (if such a document or duplicate is available).
  7. Application for termination of the employment contract addressed to the employer (submitted by internally displaced persons, as well as by persons who, during martial law, are in the territory of territorial communities located in the area of โ€‹โ€‹military (combat) operations or who are in temporary occupation, encirclement (blocking), and have a registered or declared place of residence or last place of work (previous type of employment) in the specified territories, in the absence of documents confirming the fact of dismissal, to acquire the status of unemployed and receive unemployment benefits and social services under mandatory state social insurance in case of unemployment).
  8. Military registration document, in which the date of registration at the territorial recruitment and social support center is indicated by the law (submitted by military personnel (except conscripts) who are released from service due to health reasons, due to reduction of staff or conducting organizational activities without the right for pension).
  9. Military registration document for persons discharged from military service, for persons conscripted during martial law due to mobilization.
  10. Certificate on termination of personal farming or exit from such farming (submitted by members of personal farming for whom it was the primary job (except for persons who are internally displaced persons, served in military service upon conscription during mobilization, for a special period, have finished or stopped studying in institutions of general secondary, professional (vocational-technical), professional pre-higher and higher education), have resigned from fixed-term military or alternative (non-military) service and are being hired for the first time and have applied for registration at the employment center within six months from graduation or termination of education or dismissal from service).

In case IDPs, as well as persons who are in the territory of territorial communities located in the area of โ€‹โ€‹military (combat) operations or who are in temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade), donโ€™t have the documents necessary for their registration as unemployed, the employment center receives information about periods of insurance experience, labor activity, wages (income, financial support) in state registers.

How to terminate the registration of the unemployed upon the application of the unemployed?

You can submit an application for termination of unemployment registration:

  • in city, district, city-district employment centers or regional employment center branches;
  • submit application via the โ€œDiiaโ€ app or electronic services of the State Employment Service:

The applicant can submit an application for receiving the service in person or by filling out an application for receiving the service online on the website:

Documents required to receive the service:

  • application for termination of registration.

Such an application must contain the following information:

  • surname, first name, patronymic (if available);
  • the name of the employment center in which the person is registered;
  • grounds for termination of registration;
  • registration termination date.

The person is responsible for the accuracy of the data specified in the submitted application.

The employment center terminates the registration of an unemployed person starting on the day the registered unemployed person submits an application for termination of registration.

Where can I get legal employment support?

The social impact campaign โ€œKnow Your Rightsโ€ mceclip0.png launched by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) increases awareness about employeesโ€™ rights among Ukrainian refugees in Poland with the aim to sensitize them about specificity of the Polish labour market, build their confidence during the job search and boost employability.

According to the IRCโ€™s labour market assessment conducted last year, 70% of the Ukrainian refugees interviewed identified finding a job as their most pressing need. As the war has no end in sight, people who have found safety in Poland still report that securing a sustainable source of income remains among their primary concerns today. At the same time, often unsatisfactory working conditions, which include salaries below the minimum wage, no contractual protection, unregulated work schedules, and in some cases missed payments or other forms of abuse, have been flagged as the top barriers preventing refugees from finding safe and stable employment in Poland. All these barriers are more amplified by the fact that most of the refugees from Ukraine are women, which makes the process of finding decent employment more challenging.

The need to find secure employment is crucial in light of the recent changes to the refugee hosting laws mceclip0.png, in place since March, as people fleeing Ukraine are now expected to cover part of their accommodation costs in the collective shelters. The IRC has warned that changes may impact the most vulnerable groups and result in premature returns amidst an unstable security situation, as well as force people to resort to unsafe employment, or other negative coping mechanisms, which may provide temporary means of survival but can seriously undermine peopleโ€™s long- term well-being or security.

The IRCโ€™s campaign will provide basic information on where to search for services, what types of contracts exist in Poland and what obligations an employer has to an employee and useful sources and contacts to gain additional information or legal assistance from partners we work with. We aim to reach Ukrainians in Poland but also those who are still in Ukraine but think about leaving the country, to enable them to make more informed decisions. To achieve that we engaged in cooperation with a number of Ukrainian opinion leaders to highlight both the details of the regulations, and stories of people who already operate within the existing legal frameworks.

More details on the websiteะ—ะฝะฐะนั‚ะต-ัะฒะพั—-ะฟั€ะฐะฒะฐ-ะŸะพะปัŒั‰ะฐ mceclip0.png


"Women For The Future" project. What is it useful for Ukrainian women?

Women For The Future ( is a project that helps Ukrainian women who lost their jobs and income as a result of the war to find new opportunities for employment and professional development.

You can view many useful lectures and workshops on the Women For The Future website. Including:

  • how to plan life in conditions of war and constant changes;
  • strategy and tactics of finding a job during the war;
  • how to write an effective resume and prepare for an interview;
  • where to look for a job: overview of resources and recommendations for their use;
  • and many others.

In addition, lecture courses on financial literacy, time management, SEO and link building, recruiting, IT professions and more are available for viewing.

More details at the link: mceclip0.png.

Where can you find a job in Ukraine?

Job search platforms and sites:

  1. Work.Ua mceclip0.png. One of the most popular job search platforms before the war.
  2. mceclip0.png. A well-known resource that publishes hundreds of vacancies every day.
  3. mceclip0.png. Added "Jobs to win" section.
  4. Jooble mceclip0.png. Work according to different schedules and areas, about 80 thousand vacancies.
  5. Jobs.Dou mceclip0.png. Vacancies of IT companies.
  6. Upwork mceclip0.png. Vacancies for freelancers.
  7. Fiverr mceclip0.png. For specialists in creative areas, freelancers.
  8. mceclip0.png. You can also offer your help here.
  9. UA Talents mceclip0.png. Non-commercial job search platform.
  10. mceclip0.png. Aggregate of job search sites. Here you can search for a job both in different countries and in different specialties.

Telegram channels for job search:

  1. Job now: Ukraine mceclip0.png. Work for all specialties and fields.
  2. Good job mceclip0.png. Vacancies in Ukraine and abroad, language courses, tips on how to write a resume.
  3. Resume Vacancies mceclip0.png. Creative vacancies, volunteer offers.
  4. Happy Monday mceclip0.png. Vacancies, recommendations.
  5. Zaichenko team mceclip0.png. Vacancies for journalists, design, marketing, IT.
  6. Remote Job mceclip0.png. English-language channel with vacancies in the field of design and sales.
  7. Lobby X mceclip0.png. Work and volunteer opportunities in Ukraine.

Source of information:ย 

How to confirm professional qualifications for immigrants?

In order to get a job in a new place, migrants must confirm their qualifications. But what to do if documents about education or previous work are lost? The Ministry of Reintegration reported.

To confirm professional qualifications, you need:

  • submit a relevant application with attachments to the qualification center;
  • undergo an interview at the qualification center;
  • pass the assessment procedure at the qualification center;
  • obtain a certificate of the established model on the assignment/confirmation of full or partial professional qualifications;
  • after receiving the certificate, you will be able to officially get a job in the relevant profession.

List of qualification centers:


Employment services available to IDPs

According to the Ministry of Reintegration:

  • The only job portal
    Ukrainians can view job offers on the Unified Job Portal.
  • Vocational training in labor professions
    Immigrants can undergo training in labor professions organized by the State Employment Service. It is carried out at the request of an employer or for a person who plans to start his own business.
  • Study vouchers
    Immigrants can receive a voucher that fully or partially covers the cost of education in educational institutions for certain professions and specialties.
  • Grants for creating or developing your own business
    The eRobota project accompanies two grant programs for IDPs: "Own business" and "Grants for the creation or development of one's own business". The main condition for obtaining them is the creation of new jobs.

The only job portal:ย 

The schedule of formation of educational groups by labor professions:ย 

Vouchers for training:ย 



Hotline for relocated business in Ukraine.

A telephone hotline was created for relocated enterprises in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad and Poltava regions.

The service is available for:

  • representatives of relocated micro, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • internally displaced persons who want to start a business.

Call center staff will handle inquiries and pass them on to experts. They, for their part, will provide free consultations on the following topics:

  • bookkeeping;
  • opening and re-registration of business;
  • attraction of resources;
  • writing business plans;
  • filling out grant applications;
  • legal aspects of doing business;
  • export;
  • counteracting force majeure circumstances.

Hotline phone number: +38 099 011 15 53.

Working hours: from Monday to Friday - from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday are weekends.

The project was implemented by the Regional Development Agency of Luhansk Oblast within the framework of the UN Program with the financial support of the European Union.


Where should IDPs go to find a job?
  • The only job portal of the State Employment Center. Currently, the website contains more than 200 thousand current vacancies across the country (
  • IDP Councils and Coordination Centers for Civilian Support in the regions. Here IDPs will be helped to integrate into new communities.
  • Local employment centers. You will be supported at all stages of the job search, advised on employment, vocational training or retraining.
  • Non-governmental job search services. These are resources such as,,,,, and others.
  • Government program eRobota. The grant programs "Own business" or "Grants for creating or developing your own business" are available for IDPs. Details:

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