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How to renew a driver's license?

According to the regulations mceclip0.png and instructions mceclip0.png on replacing or restoring a driver's license, a person who has made such a request and has a confirmed the fact of the existence of a damaged/lost driver's license must contact the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs mceclip0.png, which will issue a new driver's license. There is no need to take an exam again under such conditions.

Documents needed:

  • a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a document certifying a person and confirming citizenship or special status;
  • a copy of the identification code or the series and number of the passport (for individuals who, due to their religious beliefs, refused to accept the registration number of the taxpayer's registration card, reported this to the relevant supervisory authority and have a mark in the passport);
  • medical certificate 083/o mceclip0.png;
  • in case of abduction - a certificate from the police;
  • old certificate (if preserved);
  • if necessary, a document on the change of personal data.

But note that:

  • if the license is damaged, you should take it with you to the service center;
  • if you need to change personal data, you must present a document or certificate confirming the change of these data;
  • if you were deprived of your driver's license due to driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs or other intoxication, you will again need to undergo a medical examination to obtain certificate 083/ะพ and pass exams at the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where you received your previous licenses.

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How to get international driving license?

International and national driver's license are two different documents.

As explained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a national driver's license is issued after passing the exams. The international one is actually a translation into several languages of the information of the national driver's license, it is issued in addition to it and is not valid separately from the national driver's license.


Starting from June 29, 2022, Ukrainian national driver's licenses will be recognized in Europe.

In turn, an international driver's license must be obtained to travel to countries that are signatories to the Geneva Convention.

This applies, for example, to Canada, the USA, India, Egypt, etc.

How to get an international driver's license?

As reported on the Government portal, in order to obtain an international driver's license, it is necessary to apply to the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the following documents:

  • the original and a copy of the driver's license;
  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine (or ID card and certificate of registration of the person's place of residence);
  • foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • photo card size 3.5x4.5 cm on matte paper;
  • a receipt certifying the payment of an administrative service.

The term of providing the service takes up to 5 working days.

The term of validity of an international driver's license is 3 years, but not longer than the term of validity of a national driver's license.


Are Ukrainian rights valid in the EU?

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that in the EU it is possible to:

  • use a Ukrainian driver's license without the need to exchange it during the entire period of being under protection;
  • use old-style driver's licenses that do not have an expiration date or are issued in the form of a booklet. Now it is not necessary to additionally have their certified translation and international driver's license, but you must have a document to confirm your identity;
  • use a Ukrainian driver's license even if it expires;
  • get a temporary (for the period of stay under protection) EU model driver's license in case of loss or theft of a Ukrainian driver's license without passing exams.

We also remind you that, if necessary, you can exchange your driver's license abroad at the branches of the Dokument State Enterprise. The exchange is relevant if the driver's profile data has changed, the license has expired or the document has been seriously damaged. Currently, Dokument SE divisions are open in Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain.


There is a queue for passenger buses and passenger cars.

Passenger cars and buses can be registered in the electronic queue to cross the border.

Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the decision to expand the electronic border crossing queue for drivers of passenger cars and buses. Previously, this service worked for road freight transport.

The pilot project for passing passenger buses started in August. Buses can already register in the electronic queue for crossing the border to pass through the checkpoint "Yagodin - Dorogusk".

The project allows you to register in advance in the queue, arrive at the customs point at the specified time and quickly go through the formalities at the border.