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Are there any differences in traffic rules in this country compared to Ukrainian ones?

The traffic rules are very similar.

Is it possible to drive a car with a Ukrainian driver's license?

Technically no if you are living in Sweden. A full Swedish license via driving school as well as theoretic and practical exam via Trafikverket is essential. However, there should be opportunities doing it in Russian for the B (car)-license here.

An international driver's license for a year might help.

Driving without a valid license is a criminal offense in Sweden, however holding a driver's license at least will most certainly end up in a fine.

Is it necessary to register the car in the new country of residence?

Yes, in the long run it is absolutely mandatory (over six months). Vehicles are subject to periodic inspection in the EU to ensure not just the driver's, but also traffic safety in general as well as mandatory traffic insurance.

Is it possible to drive a car that has Ukrainian registration, but is registered not to the driver, but to another person? What documents are needed for this?

It is possible.

Is it necessary to insure the car in the host country? Is Ukrainian insurance enough?

Yes, it is absolutely mandatory.

What is a vignette? Do Ukrainian drivers need to buy it? How and where can they buy it?

Nothing that Sweden has.

What are the parking rules?

Pay if you have to, don't park where it is forbidden. Hefty fines in Sweden, especially Stockholm.

What are the most common fines? How and where can Ukrainians pay them?

The most common fines are for parking and speeding. The fine needs to be paid according to the ticket. If a Ukrainian has residency in Sweden, a Swedish bank account should not be a problem, Ukrainians can go to their bank in Sweden for assistance.

What documents are required for registration of trailers/cargo (equipment, furniture, etc.)?

Vehicles, trailers etc need a CoC if available. The easiest way of getting help with that is via the Swedish importeur of the vehicle brand concerned.

Do Ukrainians need to declare what they bought in Europe?

Yes. For more information visit and contact:

  • mceclip0.png - also concerning questions for international driver's license;
  • mceclip0.png - experts for motorcycling, especially imports of vehicles in general.