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What documents do I need to work in this country?

Ukrainians and their family members who have received temporary protection, asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in the countryย without a permit. Persons with refugee or humanitarian status can register as jobseekers with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address.

If you entered as a seasonal worker (for 3 months), having concluded a contract before crossing the border, you are required to have a valid identity card with photos and other data, as well as documents recognizing professional qualifications, if any. If you are employed as an ethnic Bulgarian, you must also submit papers that will be the basis for this fact. You do not need anything if you are temporary protection seeker, except for your identity card and what will be issued to you when applying for this status.

More information here mceclip0.png and here mceclip0.png.

Where can I search for a job?

International platforms - especially for our refugees:

Bulgarian labor exchanges:

You can leave your request here mceclip0.png or join the group on Facebook mceclip0.png.

Are there any services available to help me find a job?

First of all, as an international protection seeker you have the right to register with the Labor Office at the place of residence, its contacts can be found here mceclip0.png. Fill in the application-declaration (form) mceclip0.png, show all the documents related to the profession, education, etc., which were evacuated (and if available) - legalization might be needed, the Bureau will advise where and how to do it. You will further be entitled to:

โ€ข Advising on the Bulgarian labor market and the specifics of job search;

โ€ข Services on career guidance, vocational education;

โ€ข Finding suitable offers for you, bringing you together with your employer.

You can check whether there are vacancies in the Labor Office according to your requirements, using the filters on this page mceclip0.png.

Secondly, consultations and all possible assistance in employment on the hotline of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy are available: 0800 88 001 (in Russian).

Are there any diploma and professional equivalence programs? How and where do I apply?

The National Center for Information and Documentation (NACID) at the Ministry of Education and Science organises the procedure for academic recognition of the bachelorโ€™s and masterโ€™s degrees, as well as the doctorโ€™s degree and educational degree in order to facilitate market access to work in unregulated professions.

The necessary documents are the diploma of higher education and the appendix to it. They do not need certifications from Ukraine, but should be accompanied by a legalized translation into Bulgarian. The translatorโ€™s signature only needs notarization. More information about the academic recognition procedure itself can be found on the NACID website mceclip0.png.

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