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Are there any differences in traffic rules in this country compared to Ukrainian ones?

Both Ukrainians and Czech Republic drive on the right hand sight of the road.

Main driving rules:

  • Vehicles must use passing lights all year long.
  • You may not legally make a right turn when a traffic light is red.
  • Cars must stop when a pedestrian steps into a crosswalk.
  • The yellow diamond road sign denotes the right of way at an unregulated intersection.
  • When approaching an intersection, always check to see who has the right of way since the โ€œmainโ€ road can change several times within blocks on the same street.
  • Children younger than 12 years or under 150 cm in height must use a child seat.
  • Drivers are not allowed to consume any amount of alcoholic beverages before and while driving.
  • Drivers must not use handheld cell phones while driving.
  • Safety belts must be fastened for the entire duration of the ride.
  • Motorcyclists and their passengers are required to wear a helmet.

The speed limit for motor vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and buses outside the city is 90 km/h. Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes may drive at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Motor vehicles with a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and buses may drive on highways with a maximum speed of 130 km/h, max. 110 km/h on speedways, other vehicles max. 80 km/h. The maximum speed allowed in the city is 50 km/h; on the highways in the city 80 km/h.

In the residential area and pedestrian zone, the driver may drive at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. At the same time, the driver must pay attention to pedestrians and children on the road and must not endanger them. When leaving the residential or pedestrian zone, the driver must give priority to all vehicles currently driving on the road.

The Czech Republic has established requirements for personal vehicles. All drivers must have a safety kit in their car:

  • an emergency stop sign and a towing cable;
  • a spare tire and tread with a depth of at least 4 mm;
  • UA sign pasted on the rear window;
  • a first aid kit;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • a set of light bulbs for headlights and lanterns.
Is it possible to drive a car with a Ukrainian driver's license?

At the end of July, the Regulation on the use of Ukrainian national driverโ€™s licenses in EU countries entered into force. The changes affect only persons who enjoy temporary or adequate protection in EU countries.

This document establishes special rules regarding expired, lost or stolen Ukrainian driverโ€™s licenses.

So, from the end of July in Czech Republic you can:

  • to use a Ukrainian driverโ€™s license without the need to exchange it during the entire period of being under protection, and not only during 6 months;
  • to use an old-style Ukrainian driverโ€™s license, which is issued only in Cyrillic and does not have an expiration date, without the need to have an additional certified translation or an international driverโ€™s license;
  • to use a Ukrainian driverโ€™s license even if it expires in 2022 (this is relevant for licenses issued for the first time with a validity period of 2 years).
Is it necessary to register the car in the new country of residence?

The law says that anyone operating a vehicle for a period of more than 185 days in the Czech Republic must have the vehicle registered here. If you do not register your car, you will have problems in the event of a car accident or when dealing with your insurance company to cover damage or repairs.

If you bring your own car from your home country you must be registered here. To do that you need to have a long-term residence or a temporary residence permit (EU citizens) with an assigned birth date number. The registration can be processed at the nearest municipal office to your current address. The office in Brno is Department of Motor Vehicles, Kounicova 67.

Ukrainians in the Czech Republic will need to register their car. Already from October 1, 2023, a special register of vehicles with state license plates of Ukraine will be launched. Citizens of Ukraine already living in the Czech Republic will be able to register their car for free.

From January 2024, such registration will be mandatory. It will be necessary to register the car within seven days from the moment of granting temporary protection or a visa for the purpose of tolerance. Otherwise, the owners will face a fine of up to 30,000 Czech crowns. Driving a Ukrainian vehicle without registration will be considered an offense from January 1, 2024.

The following documents will be required for car registration:

  • identity card or travel document;
  • certificate of vehicle registration in Ukraine;
  • notarized power of attorney, if the notifier acts on behalf of an individual, individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

Such a register will help fine Ukrainians for violating traffic rules, for example, speeding or parking. Source mceclip0.png.

Is it possible to drive a car that has Ukrainian registration, but is registered not to the driver, but to another person? What documents are needed for this?

If you are not the owner of the car you are driving, it is useful to carry a written authorization from the actual car owner with you including substantial details, such as the license plate and the insurance number of the car in case authorities might ask for it. Further, the owner should contact the motorist insurance to cover possible damages caused by the third party.

Is it necessary to insure the car in the host country? Is Ukrainian insurance enough?

The Czech Insurance Bureau provides free insurance coverage for damage caused by an uninsured Ukrainian vehicle for 2 months after crossing the Ukrainian border.

The Czech Insurers' Bureau will also cover the towing of Ukrainian vehicles in the event of a breakdown or accident. Global assistance operates a special telephone number for the Czech Insurers' Bureau, +420 251 032 834, which is intended for Ukrainians who need towing. In order not to create a language barrier, language-assisted assistants were selected to operate this telephone number.

What is a vignette? Do Ukrainian drivers need to buy it? How and where can they buy it?

The Motorway e-Vignette is mandatory when driving on Czech Republic motorways. Exceptions are motorcycles they are free of charge.

The Police of the Czech Republic and Customs Administration of the Czech Republic perform checks by scanning license plate numbers to see whether the vehicle has a valid electronic vignette or whether it is exempt.

The check is performed on the toll road using patrol cars equipped with cameras to scan the license plates, by connecting to control gates, or by checking at rest stops and parking lots.

We recommend purchasing the e-vignette online in advance of your journey to avoid difficulties.

No glue to scratch the window: The e-Vignette is attached to the license plate, so you do not have to stick it to the window or have trouble scratching it. The Digital Vignette can easily be bought online and activated within short time.

How to register the carโ€™s license plate:

You buy the e-Vignette by providing your carโ€™s registration number and paying directly online. You will thus not have to have a physical motorway sticker in the carโ€™s windscreen anymore, as it is the carโ€™s number plate that is used for inspection.

The price and terms of the e-Vignette are the same as for the physical sticker. You can choose between three periods which are:

  • 10 days
  • 1 months
  • Annual

Etolls mceclip0.png is an application for purchasing electronic vignettes to pay for travel in 7 European countries, including Czech, developed by Ukrainians. The application is simple and intuitive. More detailed information is available on the website mceclip0.png.

What are the parking rules?

Parking rules in Prague and in the Czech republic:

  • Parking in Prague is only allowed on the right side of the road unless it is a one-way road.
  • Parking along a tram line is prohibited unless a 3-metre (10-feet) wide lane is left between the vehicle and the tram lane
  • It is prohibited to park your car within 5 meters (16.5 feet) from an intersection, a pedestrian crossing and a public transport stop.
  • It is prohibited to park your car within 15 meters (49 feet) from a railway crossing.
  • There are two types of parking meters in Prague: those indicated by a green color allow up to 6 hours of parking, those indicated by an orange color allow 2-hour parking.
  • A yellow line indicates prohibition of parking, a blue line allows parking for residentsโ€™ and office workersโ€™ vehicles.
  • Any vehicle in violation of parking rules is subject to immobilization or tow at ownerโ€™s expense. You will have to pay a fine for parking in the wrong place and an amount of money equivalent to one day of parking, which is 3 000 CZK (120 EUR).
What are the most common fines? How and where can Ukrainians pay them?

The most common fines in Czech Republic:

  • Driving without legal authorization or refusing to take the test for alcohol or drug control will result a fine ranging between Kฤ 25 000 - 50 000.
  • An alcohol level exceeding the limit (0.3 percent per milliliter) results in a fine between 10 - 20 000 Kฤ.
  • Overtaking another vehicle where it is prohibited: 5โ€”10 000 Kฤ fine.
  • Exceeding the speed limit of 40 km/h in town or 50 km/h outside of town, when those are the stipulated speed limits: 5-10 000 Kฤ fine.
  • Exceeding the speed limit of 20 km/h in town and 30 km/h outside of town, when those are the stipulated speed limits: 2500 - 5000 Kฤ.
  • Not giving right of way to pedestrians or other vehicles: 2500โ€”5000 Kฤ fine.
  • Holding a telephone while driving: 1500 - 2500 Kฤ fine.
  • Not using a seat belt or a childยดs safety-seat, driving on tram railway, exceeding the speed limit when that limit is less than 20 km/h in town and 30 km/h outside of town: 1500 - 2500 Kฤ fine.
  • Driving without lights switched on: 1500 - 2500 Kฤ fine.
What documents are required for registration of trailers/cargo (equipment, furniture, etc.)?

Anyone who operates a road transport vehicle in the Czech Republic for more than 185 days in the given calendar year must have the vehicle registered.

A โ€œroad transport vehicleโ€ is a self-propelled or towed vehicle designed for the road carriage of passengers, animals or goods.

Persons enjoying privileges and immunities are granted exemptions from the registration fees on a reciprocal basis.

In the absence of a reciprocal exemption, the following administrative fees are charged for the registration of motor vehicles and issuance of registration plates:

  • trailers weighing 750 kgs or less: CZK 500;
  • trailers weighing more than 750 kgs: CZK 700.
Do Ukrainians need to declare what they bought in Europe?

There are no restrictions on what you can buy and take with you when travelling within the EU provided that the bought products are for you own use and not for resale. Taxes on are already included in the retail price of the product. To determine if the products purchased are intended for your own use, customs authorities may verify the products, e.g. the packages or the quantity. In order to prove that goods are for your own use, authorities may ask to see the receipt or other proof of purchase. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence, you might have to pay duties or the products can be confiscated.

If you carry 10,000 euros or more in cash, alcohol drinks, tobacco products, fuel or other goods including perfume, certain restrictions may apply regarding the quantity and value of the products. For more information please check this site mceclip0.png.