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What childcare options are available for children who are not yet school-aged?

Private kindergarten "First Step" accepts Ukrainian children for free.

Address: Tbilisi, Didi Digomi, Miriana Mepe Street, 55. Phone: +995574 02 03 96.

In Georgia, there is a free children's club "HAPPU ME" for Ukrainian children, in the "Mother's Rescue" format. The club was created to help Ukrainian mothers who do not have the opportunity to hire a babysitter.

The stay of each child is no more than 6 hours per day. Up to 20 children can be in the club at the same time. The age of children is from 2.5 to 7 years.

To register, join the club's Telegram channel and fill out the registration form mceclip0.png.

Educators of the club are volunteers, have pedagogical, higher education. And most importantly, they love children! Children are not fed in the club. That is why the stay time is no more than 6 hours and mothers bring a snack with them to the children.

Tbilisi Art School No. 2 named after Zakaria Paliashvili offers free lessons to Ukrainian children in the following areas: piano, violin, guitar, classical and pop vocals, solfeggio, musical literature, drawing, etc.

Address: Tbilisi, Didube, Khosharauli 1 (parallel street to Tsereteli Avenue). Phone: +995577232160.

How do I enroll my child(ren) into school?

Pupils who, as a result of the war, cannot get an education in Ukrainian schools, are enrolled in Georgian schools according to a simplified procedure.

They can be enrolled in the same class in which they studied in a Ukrainian school as of February 24, 2022.

Ukrainian students can start or continue studying in Georgian schools in both the Georgian and Ukrainian sectors (see information on Ukrainian sectors below).

Schools in Georgia are both public and private. Education in public schools, particularly in the Ukrainian sector, is fully funded by the state, and school textbooks are provided free of charge to all classes. Private schools are for-profit and tuition is associated with a certain amount of money.

See the list of public and private schools in Georgia at this link mceclip0.png. See the list of international schools operating in Tbilisi here mceclip0.png.

In which schools were Ukrainian sectors opened?

Ukrainian sectors were opened especially for Ukrainian children in Tbilisi State School 41 and in Batumi State School 20.

Who can enroll a student in Georgian public schools?

One of the parents or a legal representative can register a student for public schools in Georgia.

One of the parents or a legal representative must submit the following documents to school No. 41 in the Ukrainian sector:

  • Translated into Georgian and notarized passport of one of the parents or legal representative,
  • A birth certificate translated into Georgian and notarized.
  • 2 photos, for 1st class

In the Ukrainian sector of Batumi State School No. 20, it is sufficient to present a child's birth certificate.

Registration of students in the Georgian sector from the 2nd grade. To register students for the Georgian sector in the 2nd and higher grades, you need to contact the school of your choice and write an application. Have the child's birth certificate with you.

Learning process

Ukrainian students have the opportunity to continue their studies in different languages โ€‹โ€‹in Georgian schools. They will be provided with the printed and electronic resources they need to study.

Training in the Ukrainian sector is conducted in the Ukrainian language. Pupils use the textbooks they studied in Ukraine. Textbooks are distributed to children free of charge.

The office of Ukrainian language and literature has been opened in Tbilisi State School No. 41, where students will find children's and adolescent literature in Ukrainian.

Children in the Ukrainian sector study according to the same school program as in Ukraine.

Along with Ukrainian subjects, the curriculum includes Georgian language and literature, and "Our Georgia" as an additional subject.

Students of the Ukrainian-speaking sector will take both compulsory and optional subjects.

New technologies

All first-graders of public schools are given special children's netbooks - books loaded with school programs and educational games, along with textbooks.

Ukrainian students, like their Georgian peers, use preferential terms of mobile internet packages. To use the internet package, contact the school.

Inclusive education

Inclusive education is available in all public schools in Georgia. Students with relevant needs, including Ukrainian students, will be assessed by an interdisciplinary team. Based on the team's conclusion, the school will develop auxiliary measures for the student, offer planning of the educational process, the services of a special teacher, a psychologist and other specialists, as well as, if necessary, individual work in the resource room.

How can I enroll my child in a Ukrainian school in first grade if we are abroad?

Documents for admission to the school can be submitted online on the website "Electronic registration in institutions of general secondary education" at the link mceclip0.png. To do this, you need to register on the site, choose an institution of general secondary education, create an application and confirm it with documents in the institution

Electronic registration is not available in Kyiv, but it is possible to submit an application online to the school's e-mail address (at the applicant's choice). Enrollment will be carried out on the basis of the application of one of the parents, submitted in person or scanned copies or photocopies. Documents must confirm the place of residence of the child, one of his parents (or people who replace them) in the territory of the institution. If parents do not have the opportunity to obtain a medical certificate for their child by May 31, this is not a reason to refuse enrollment. Original documents and medical certificates must be submitted to the educational institution no later than August 18, 2023 inclusive. More details at the link mceclip0.png.

What happens if my kid gets sick?

Go to a public hospital or clinic. To receive free state medical services during a stay in a medical institution, a citizen of Ukraine must present a copy of an identity document (international passport, identity card, birth certificate) with a note in the passport about the date of crossing the Georgian border by a border guard or a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about place and time of crossing the border of Georgia.

You can also look for doctors speaking the language of your preference using this telegram tool mceclip0.png.

"Evex" pediatric clinics in Tbilisi and Batumi will provide free consultations and emergency medical care to citizens of Ukraine.


  • M. Iashvili Central Children's Hospital - Tbilisi, st. Ljubljana 13/6;
  • Tsitsishvili Children's Clinic - Tbilisi, st. Ljubljana 21;
  • Batumi Central Mother and Child Hospital named after M. Iashvili - Batumi, airport highway 64.

Especially for citizens of Ukraine, the hotline 0322 600 600 works around the clock.

The Georgian-German Center of Integrative Medicine "Therapy House" announces a charity event for children from Ukraine - a pediatrician will conduct free medical consultations at the address of Tbilisi, str. Kekelidze 54A.

Hotline - 0322 011330.

Can I continue my university studies at another university? What documents do I need?

The Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) will fully finance the studies of Ukrainian students. Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to study at GIPA's English-language master's programs, which are supported by GIPA's Caucasian School of Journalism and Media Management and GIPA's School of Law and Politics. The specified master's programs:

  • Multimedia journalism and media management program;
  • Master's program in international law.

Contact persons:

Ketevan Korkia - coordinator of the master's program in international law, Email:, Mob: +995 591510090

Salome Gvelesiani - coordinator of the master's program in journalism and media management. Email:, Mob: 595 54 34 42

For students and refugee applicants from Ukraine who will transfer or successfully get admtted to Sukhum State University, the 2022-2023 academic year will be fully financed from the university's budget.

  • Contact phone: +995577 17 07 40
  • Email:
  • Address: Tbilisi, Anna Politkovska Street #61.

Citizens of Ukraine who are studying or will successfully enter the Kutaisi International University will have their tuition fees for the 2022-2023 academic year fully funded.

During the current academic year, the University will accept students in the following bachelor's programs: Computer Science, Management, Mathematics.

Detailed information on admission to the university and study programs is available here mceclip0.png and here mceclip0.png. The university will respond to the questions of interested persons via e-mail addresses or

New Vision University offers Ukrainian students the opportunity to continue their studies until the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and the full restoration of the educational process.

The project is implemented within the framework of bilateral cooperation with Ukrainian partner educational institutions, and the terms of the offer are as follows:

  • Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to continue their studies for free in all educational programs of the University;
  • Students without Ukrainian citizenship will be able to study for one or more semesters with subsequent recognition by a Ukrainian university;
  • Starting from the fall semester, students of Ukrainian universities will have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at up to 30 partner universities in Central and Western Europe;
  • 10 Ukrainian students will take part in the summer school "Tradition vs. Modernity in the Shared Neighborhood" supported by DAAD.

Interested persons should contact the department of international relations of the university at the following e-mail address for detailed information or at Ivanna Machitidze

You can use the list of universities that help Ukrainian students and scientists on the English-language educational search platform Erudera mceclip0.png. The platform contains 70 offers from universities around the world, including the USA, Australia and Canada. In addition to the country and the name of the university, the table indicates the type of aid and a link mceclip0.png to the university's website.

Science For Ukraine mceclip0.png is a public group of volunteer researchers and students from academic institutions in Europe and around the world who help Ukrainians. You can apply for help through the website, and you can view the entire list of institutions that agree to cooperate with Ukrainian scientists by following the link mceclip0.png.

Useful Telegram channel "Nonformal O" mceclip0.png - scholarships, grants, courses, volunteer projects in all countries for Ukrainians.

Useful Telegram channel "Opportunities" mceclip0.png, where the latest volunteer, educational, career projects in Ukraine and various countries are published. Link to backup channel mceclip0.png.

What languages do I need to speak to be able to study?

Many Georgian universities offer education in English, some in Russian.

Where can I pass my related language exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)?

You can find information about the TOEFL test here mceclip0.png and the IELTS test here mceclip0.png.