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What childcare options are available for children who are not yet school-aged?

Children aged six months to five years old can attend infant or child centres, which are either run by the municipalities or privately funded. From the age of four, children can attend a pre-primary school, which is compulsory after the age of five.

Currently, the Ministry of Education and Science has organised an online kindergarten with video activities for children ages 3-6. It can be found in this link mceclip0.png. You can find more information on this as well as on the documents that you will need to enrol your child(ren) here mceclip0.png.

How do I enroll my child(ren) into school?

Your children have access to public education, free of charge. Currently, online courses for children of all ages are available in Ukrainian. You can find more information on this as well as a guide for the Greek education system in the Ukrainian language here mceclip0.png. Depending on your specific circumstances, you will also find the documents that will be requested from you in order to enrol yourself or your child(ren) into school.

For now, any type of identification document (e.g., passport) will be enough and your child can be enrolled even without having all the official documents. The person in charge โ€“ based on the address โ€“ SEP (Refugee Education Coordinators) indicates in which school unit the child will be enrolled. Your children can be enrolled at the closest school to the area of residency. After contacting and making an appointment with the school principal, you visit the school to complete enrolment. You will be asked to complete additional documents there, which will be given to you by the principal.

Children will learn Greek at school. In many schools across Greece there are โ€˜reception classesโ€™ to support with language acquisition. There, the children that donโ€™t speak Greek as a first language, receive additional hours of Greek language learning and then they participate in the mainstream class with the rest of the children based on their age. A guife for Greek education in Ukrainian can be found here mceclip0.png.

How can I enroll my child in a Ukrainian school in first grade if we are abroad?

Documents for admission to the school can be submitted online on the website "Electronic registration in institutions of general secondary education" at the link mceclip0.png. To do this, you need to register on the site, choose an institution of general secondary education, create an application and confirm it with documents in the institution

Electronic registration is not available in Kyiv, but it is possible to submit an application online to the school's e-mail address (at the applicant's choice). Enrollment will be carried out on the basis of the application of one of the parents, submitted in person or scanned copies or photocopies. Documents must confirm the place of residence of the child, one of his parents (or people who replace them) in the territory of the institution. If parents do not have the opportunity to obtain a medical certificate for their child by May 31, this is not a reason to refuse enrollment. Original documents and medical certificates must be submitted to the educational institution no later than August 18, 2023 inclusive. More details at the link mceclip0.png.

What happens if my kid gets sick?

You can go to a doctor, a general doctor or the hospital in emergencies. Access to public healthcare is free and accessed by appointment. The hospital emergency department is obliged to accept patients, regardless of the possession of legal or other documentation.

The emergency number of the National Emergency Center (EKAV) 166. There is also the emergency number 112 for all emergencies, accessible without a mobile network, providing 24hour interpretation in various languages. The National Helpline for children SOS 1056.

Can I continue my university studies at another university? What documents do I need?

There are no special programs for Ukrainian students. You can enter the university on a general basis without any privileges. To do this, you will need to pass the entrance exams.

You can use the list of universities that help Ukrainian students and scientists on the English-language educational search platform Erudera mceclip0.png. The platform contains 70 offers from universities around the world, including the USA, Australia and Canada. In addition to the country and the name of the university, the table indicates the type of aid and a link mceclip0.png to the university's website.

Science For Ukraine mceclip0.png is a public group of volunteer researchers and students from academic institutions in Europe and around the world who help Ukrainians. You can apply for help through the website, and you can view the entire list of institutions that agree to cooperate with Ukrainian scientists by following the link mceclip0.png.

Useful Telegram channel "Nonformal O" mceclip0.png - scholarships, grants, courses, volunteer projects in all countries for Ukrainians.

Useful Telegram channel "Opportunities" mceclip0.png, where the latest volunteer, educational, career projects in Ukraine and various countries are published. Link to backup channel mceclip0.png.

What languages do I need to speak to be able to study?

In Greece, you can study in Greek and English. Education at universities in Ukrainian or Russian is not provided.

Where can I pass my related language exams (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)?

You can find information about the TOEFL test here mceclip0.png and the IELTS test here mceclip0.png.