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Where can I go to find emergency/short-term housing?

For those arriving from Ukraine via land and wish to have a short-term accommodation, this is offered in the open reception facility of Sintiki / Kleidi.

You can also use the AirBnb mceclip0.png and mceclip0.png platforms to find short term accommodations.

Provision of temporary housing for those in urgent need. In order for your application to be registered, please send an email to the following address: Provide your details (name, surname, people, district, phone) and the appropriate department will contact you directly.

Can I access public housing or housing provided by the state? How and where do I apply for public housing?

Upon your arrival in Greece, you can benefit from short-term accommodation in the open structure of Sintiki, until the process of issuing travel documents, where required, is completed. Those who wish to be accommodated for a longer period of time may submit a request here mceclip0.png. You will be requested to fill in some information and attach a photo of your document (passport page with your details and the page with the stamp of entry in Greece). The Ministry of Migration and Asylum will provide you with accommodation and food immediately in the accommodation structures that are already available.

Furthermore, if you wish to apply for international protection (asylum), upon the submission of your application, you will receive your International Protection Applicantโ€™s Card, which will allow you to stay in Greece until the examination of your claim is completed. As an international protection applicant, you may request to be accommodated to Hosting Facilities or other accommodation facilities (private housing or hotels). Your request will be accepted if there are available positions. You also have the right to be accommodated with your family.

Provision of temporary accommodation in Greece by the government for those who have received temporary protection: application mceclip0.png.

How do I find long term housing?

You can rent a property privately. The landlord may request proof of income or for a guarantor to co-sign the contract. The landlord may also ask for your tax number (AFM). Once temporary protection is granted, AFM is immediately activated.

For more information and tips to know before renting a house in Greece visit here mceclip0.png.

You may also submit a request for long-term accommodation at the dedicated platform of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum, available here mceclip0.png.

EU4UA is a platform for finding housing in Europe together with other Ukrainians

A new roommate search function has been launched on the EU4UA platform.

Renting housing with other people will allow:

  • save money by sharing housing costs with other people;
  • have a greater choice of housing;
  • to find friends, expand the network of social contacts and feel supported in a new country.

Go to the platform via the link mceclip0.png.

If I am staying with friends and family in the long term, what documents do I need to fill out to make it official? How can I obtain proof of residency?

Your host has to give you a photocopy of his/her house contract along with a solemn declaration that you are hosted in his/her house. You can find here this official form mceclip0.png (in Greek only).

The person who is hosting you should do as follows:

  • If he/she doesnโ€™t speak Greek or English, he/she should ask a Greek speaker to help him/her fill out the form.
  • He/she should not sign the form yet!
  • He/she should take the completed form to a KEP office (Citizen Service Centres) or a police office in order to get a certification of his/her signature.
  • He/she should sign the form only in front of a KEP officer or a police officer, who will certify the authenticity of his/her signature by putting an official stamp.