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What other forms of social support/welfare should I know about? (Buddy systems, etc.) Who is eligible? How does someone apply?

Upon entering into employment, a Ukrainian civilians are entitled to a one-time employment allowance of EUR 500. The benefit must be applied for at the State Employment Agency within one month after starting work. More information on applying for the employment allowance can be found here mceclip0.png.

Ukrainian civilians whose housing costs are higher than their income or who do not fully cover their housing costs can apply for housing benefit. Benefits are granted and paid by the municipal social service. For the first three calendar months, the benefit is paid without an assessment of the material situation, while after the end of the first three months - with the assesment of the material situation. Information on the application procedure and the required documents is available here mceclip0.png.

The municipality may enter into a lease agreement with a private individual (landlord) for the accommodation of Ukrainian civilians. In this case, the municipality will pay a private person (landlord) a fee for the use of the dwelling in the amount of 100% of the agreed rent, which will include all payments related to the use of the dwelling, including utility payments, but not more than 300 euros per month for the dwelling. An individual in this case does not charge rent to a resident of Ukraine. The support is available for up to 120 days, but no longer than 31 December 2022. More information here mceclip0.png.

Residents of Ukraine in Latvia can receive the following benefits:

  • one-off benefit in a crisis situation - 272 euros for an adult and 190 euros for a child
  • an additional monthly allowance of EUR 109 for the first person and EUR 76 for each subsequent person in a Ukrainian household
  • other material support or social services according to the individual needs

Ukrainian civilians will be entitled to the following support packages upon receipt of a certificate from the municipal social service on the crisis situation: one person will be able to receive two food parcels, a hygiene and household goods parcel, two additional child food parcels if the family has young children aged 7 to 24 months, as well as an additional package of hygiene products if the family has small children under 2 years of age. In addition, families with school-aged children will be able to receive a package of neccessary school materials.

With a certificate, you will be able to receive support packages at any of more than 400 distribution points mceclip0.png throughout Latvia. The certificate can be obtained from the municipality (see โ€œCities & regions mceclip0.pngโ€). It is also possible to receive ready made meals in the soup kitchens without presenting a certificate or other documents. More information here mceclip0.png.

Ukrainian civilians can use the regional public transport and carry their luggage in Latvia - trains and buses - free of charge, upon presentation of an identity document.

Ukrainian civilians registered at the Riga Support Center mceclip0.png can use the capital's public transport free of charge.

In Latvia, the provision of financial payments for Ukrainian refugees, as well as compensation for their resettlement in the country, has been extended until December 31, 2023. Source mceclip0.png.

Free legal assistance of UA Support mceclip0.png for refugees from different countries.

Are there any social benefits I can claim such as child support?

Maternity Allowance is a one-time allowance which can be received by one parent for each child. The amount of aid is 421.17 euros.

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to receive childbirth allowance if the child was born in Latvia after 24th February 2022.

Assistance is also granted in certain situations when an emergency child care provider is identified. In this case, the assistance is awarded if the child is in emergency care until the child reaches the age of one year and the assistance has not yet been paid to another person.

Child care support

Assigned to one of the child's parents:

  • For a child under the age of eighteeneen months-171 euros per month;
  • For a child eighteen months to two years old - โ‚ฌ42.69 per month.

If a family has two or three children, an additional child care subsidy is paid for each additional child in addition to the basic child care subsidy:

  • For one parent looking after two or more children up to eighteen months old at the same time - 171 euros per month for each additional child;
  • For a single parent caring for twin or concurrently entitled children aged from 1.5 to 2 years - โ‚ฌ42.69 per month for each additional child.

State Family Assistance

Assigned to one of the children's parents:

  • For one child - 25 euros per month;
  • For two children - 100 euros (50 euros for each child) per month;
  • For three children-225 euros (75 euros per child) per month;
  • For four or more children - 100 euros per month per child.

The allowance is given for each child raised in the family, from one year to 16 years old. If the child continues to receive a general or vocational education after age 16, the allowance continues to be paid until age 20, unless the young person has entered into an affair.

Ukrainian citizens who are permanent residents of Ukraine may receive and pay child care support and family state allowance for the period for which they have legalized their stay in Latvia - longstay visa or residence permit for a certain period of time, but not earlier than March 5, 2022.

Child Care Support and Family Support Allowance payment is suspended if the person receiving the support or the child receiving the support leaves the Republic of Latvia for permanent residence abroad.

If another parent of the child is employed or resides in another EU or EEA country, the provisions of Regulation 883/04 are applied.

To receive state social assistance, you must apply to the State Social Insurance Agency.

Children and youth from Ukraine have the opportunity to participate in summer camps in Latvia mceclip0.png for free. Camp programs for Ukrainian and Latvian youth offer both Latvian language lessons and various other types of events and creative activities that will improve communication and interaction skills. The list of camps and their locations can be found here mceclip0.png.

Are there any social benefits for pregnant and nursing women?

Maternity Allowance is a one-time allowance which can be received by mother for each child. The amount of aid is 421.17 euros.

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to receive childbirth allowance if the child was born in Latvia after 24th February 2022.

How can I meet and socialize with other Ukrainians in a similar position?
Are there specific social supports available to me if I am elderly?

A Ukrainian citizen has the right to state elderly social security assistance if he:

  • has stayed in Latvia for three months from the day of issuance of a longstay visa or residence permit,
  • have reached the retirement age established by the Law On State Pensions (64 years and 3 months in 2022) but are not entitled to receive the old age pension in Latvia.

The state elderly social security benefit is paid once a month and its amount is 109 euros.

If a person receives a pension from another state that does not reach the amount of the state social security allowance, the stated allowance is reduced by the amount corresponding to the amount of the pension provided by the other state.

If another state's pension equals or exceeds the amount of the state social security assistance, the state social security assistance is not paid.

To receive state social security assistance for old age, a Ukrainian citizen must apply to the State Social Security Agency (SSSA).

This aid is initially paid to civilian residents of Ukraine as an advance payment before DASS receives information from the competent authority of Ukraine about the pension which was granted and received in Ukraine and its amount, according to the Treaty between the Latvian Republic and Ukraine on cooperation in the field of social security.

Assistance is paid for the duration of the long-term visa or residence permit.

Payment of state social security assistance is terminated if the recipient leaves the Republic of Latvia for a permanent place of residence in another country.

Are there specific social supports available to me if I have a disability?

Yes, there are several dependent on the disability you have. See information in Ukrainian here mceclip0.png.

Disability status obtained in Ukraine is not accepted in Latvia, so Ukrainian residents must undergo a disability examination to determine their disability status in Latvia. With the status of a disabled person, you can receive various state support, for example, allowance for the care of a disabled child, allowance for the care of a disabled person who needs care. State social assistance for people with disabilities can be received if a resident of Ukraine has lived in Latvia for at least three months from the date of issuance of a long-term visa or residence permit. To receive this assistance, a resident of Ukraine or his legal representative must apply to the State Social Insurance Agency. More information here mceclip0.png.

How can I help others? What volunteering organisations could I join?

Voluntary work opportunities:

If you want to help other Ukrainians, you can offer your services in these groups:

How can Ukrainians apply for a Ukrainian pension abroad?

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad due to the war can now send an application for the appointment or renewal of a pension by mail.

An application for the appointment (renewal) of a pension can be sent to any territorial body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, regardless of the person's place of registration.

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