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Do I need passport/vaccination certificate/chip to enter the country with a pet?

Not necessarily, although it is alvays advised to carry these documents if possible. In their absence as well as in the absense ofa microchip, you can still enter Latvia and carry oit all the necessary procedures afterwards.

If you have a pet traveling with you from Ukraine, please contact your nearest veterinarian to arrange a visit as soon as you settle down. The veterinarian will examine, register, chip and vaccinate the animal free of charge. Phone +371 67095245, website of the Food and Veterinary Service.

If you arrive in Riga, there is a volunteer-operated welcome booth inside Riga Bus Station. The booth is open 8:00 to 24:00 every day.

How can I get vaccination for my pet on the go?

Yes, you can visit these clinics mceclip0.png to have your pet vaccinated.

How can I get medication for my pet?

You can get toys, food or supplies at pet stores or online. Search for ยซMฤjdzฤซvnieku veikalsยป on Google.

How can I get food for my pet?

You can buy pet food onlne, in special stores run by retailers or pet shops. Very good chain of pet shops called DinoZoo. They sell pet stuff, toys and professional pet food.

How can I travel with my pet on a plane?

There are several airlines that allow flight with a pet onboard. It is up to each airplane to establish their regulations and additional tariffs will be generally perceived. Therefore we advise you to get in contact with the specific airline.

The general rule is that pets (together with their crate) which remain below a certain weight may be carried in the cabin, whereas pets exceeding such threshold weight must be carried in the cargo area.

What's required to keep the pet in a given country?

Animals may accompany travellers when all EU requirements are met:

  • the animal has been properly identified with a microchip;
  • the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and vaccination is still valid
  • the animal has a current serological test to determine the titre of anti-rabies antibodies;
  • animal accompanied by the veterinary health certificate, which includes signed declaration of the owner that animals are not subject to commercial movement.