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Where can I go to find emergency/short-term housing?

AirBnb mceclip0.png and mceclip0.png are the main platforms for finding housing for the short term.

Can I access public housing or housing provided by the state? How and where do I apply for public housing?

Latvia provides accommodation and meals for Ukrainian residents in Latvia free of charge for the first 120 days to those, who have started receiving services before 24th of May and 120 days of accommodation and free meals for those who have started receiving services from 25 May.

If you need accommodation, please contact the 24/7 hotline +371 27380380 If you are in Riga, you can also contact the Riga city hotline +371 80000800 (workdays from 8am to 6pm) Ukrainians in Latvia are mainly accommodated in hotels and tourist accommodation facilities, as well as in the families of Latvian residents.

Citizens of Ukraine who do not have a place of residence in Latvia, when crossing the border may contact the representative of the State Border Guard Service of Latvia regarding the need for assistance: +371 67913569; +37167913568.

In Riga, contact the Labklaฬ„jiฬ„bas departaments (Welfare Department) of the Riga City Council at tel. 80005055 on accommodation, food, clothing, etc.

Certain groups of persons who, due to objective reasons, may have difficulty providing housing after the state-provided accommodation period, will be able to receive accommodation support after the 120-day period, but not longer than until 31 December this year.

Persons entitled to accommodation after a period of 120 days are as follows:

  • have a disability;
  • provides care for persons with disabilities;
  • is of retirement age in accordance with the retirement age specified in Latvia;
  • In Latvia, acquires full-time education at a pre-school, primary education, general secondary or vocational secondary education institution or is a full-time student at a higher education institution;
  • is a woman during maternity leave;
  • is one of the child's parents during the childcare period;
  • provides pre-school age.

Latvia extended the free accommodation of Ukrainians until the end of 2023

Ukrainians can apply for free accommodation in Latvia until the end of 2023. Previously, the program was valid until June 30.

The relevant amendments were adopted by the Seimas on June 1. This was reported by media mceclip0.png.

How do I find long term housing?

Long-term rental offers (paid) can be found on the following main classifieds portals:

EU4UA is a platform for finding housing in Europe together with other Ukrainians

A new roommate search function has been launched on the EU4UA platform.

Renting housing with other people will allow:

  • save money by sharing housing costs with other people;
  • have a greater choice of housing;
  • to find friends, expand the network of social contacts and feel supported in a new country.

Go to the platform via the link mceclip0.png.

If I am staying with friends and family in the long term, what documents do I need to fill out to make it official? How can I obtain proof of residency?

People who do not need assistance with accommodation can leave for their chosen place of residence. For long-term residence, you only need to obtain a visa.