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What other forms of social support/welfare should I know about? (Buddy systems, etc.) Who is eligible? How does someone apply?

If you applied for temporary protection and you managed to provide for your accommodation on your own, you may be eligible to receive economic support from the Italian Government. This support is of 300 euros, plus 150 euros per child, for a maximum of 3 months. Furthermore, if you are granted Temporary Protection, you can benefit from the public welfare system in Italy. The welfare system offers economic benefits to individuals and families in need - if you meet the requirements. The benefits you can access all have different requirements and they often vary from region to region, and even from one municipality to another. Learn more about your right to access the welfare system in Italy here: mceclip0.png.

The single universal assistance is also granted to those who have a temporary protection permit. Source mceclip0.png.

Bonus of 60 euros for the purchase of a travel ticket for transport in Italy for Ukrainians, online application mceclip0.png. You can get a code with which 60 euros will be compensated at the checkout.

Accoglienza&Lavoro is a project implemented by Assolavoro - the National Association of Employment Services in partnership with UNHCR - the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Financial assistance in Italy mceclip0.png.

Free legal assistance of UA Support mceclip0.png for refugees from different countries.

Are there any social benefits I can claim such as child support?

If you applied for temporary protection and you managed to provide for your accommodation on your own, you may be eligible to receive economic support from the Italian Government. This support is of 300 euros, plus 150 euros per child, for a maximum of 3 months.

If you have kids, you could also be eligible to apply for the bonus Asilo Nido, which is a bonus to support you with the costs for the daycare, and for the bonus Assegno Maternitร  of the Comune for unemployed mums who recently welcomed a baby in their family.

New financial assistance mceclip0.png to Ukrainians in Italy for children aged 3 and over (for educational materials, psychological assistance, purchase of items for babies).

The Italian government has increased financial assistance for children under the age of 21. Ukrainian refugees can also count on payments.

Who will the Italian government pay out aid to?

  • For families with under-age dependent children up to the age of 21, provided certain requirements are met;
  • For each dependent child with a disability, there is no age limit;
  • Child benefits will be available to Ukrainian refugees, in particular those who came to Italy after the outbreak of full-scale war and who have a residence permit for temporary protection;
  • Please note that refugees who have received โ‚ฌ150 for their children within three months can also apply for this assistance, as these are two different subsidies that are not linked to each other.

How do I get assistance for children in Italy?

In case you have already applied for Assegno unico e universale per i figli a carico (Unified and universal allowance for dependent children), you should contact the union to recalculate ISEE and the amount of aid.

The amount of aid varies according to the economic situation of the family unit, based on the ISEE in force at the time of application, taking into account the age and number of children and any situations of disability of the children. Source mceclip0.png.

Are there any social benefits for pregnant and nursing women?

Currently, there are no particular benefits for pregnant and nursing women but in Italy each ASL โ€“ Azienda Sanitaria Locale mceclip0.png (i.e. the Local Health Authority) has its own Family Service which provides special assistance to women and children. Also you may be able to apply for a bonus for daycare for your children if you have low income.

How can I meet and socialize with other Ukrainians in a similar position?
Are there specific social supports available to me if I am elderly?

Yes. In Italy State aid for the care for the elderly is supplied by the Government and by local administrations.

One of the services available is the home care service, which can include basic nursing or rehabilitation services or more complex medical needs.

Welfare benefits are also available for Italian residents of at least 65 years of age, regardless of their tax contributions.

Are there specific social supports available to me if I have a disability?

Yes. If you have a disability, you can submit the request to INPS (the National social security institute) mceclip0.png and the outcome will be subject to the medical assessment of the degree of disability.

INPS usually provides following economic contributions that are available also for foreigners under certain conditions:

  • Attendance allowance for the beneficiaryโ€™s carer;
  • Invalidity pension;
  • Monthly disablement allowance;
  • Monthly allowance for disabled children.

A foreigner may be granted with the above disability economic contributions, even without a long-term EU residence permit, on the sole condition that he/she has been holding a residence permit for at least one year.

In addition to the economic benefits, there are also benefits of a non-economic nature (tax benefits, health care assistance, compulsory employment for the right of disabled people to work, etc.).

How to make a request for proof of disability in Italy?

To prove your disability in Italy, you need to submit a disability request to the local health authority (ASL) of your place of permanent residence, according to your documents in this country - a residence permit (residenza) or a residence permit issued when you receive refugee or asylum status (permesso di soggiorno).

In Italy, it is necessary to obtain at least 74% incapacity for work in order to receive financial assistance, which has the appropriate name:

  • ะssegno di inabilitร  (74-99%)
  • ะ ensione di invaliditร  (100%)

According to internal information, the vast majority of foreigners are assigned 64%, which, accordingly, does not give the right to financial assistance. Therefore, lawyers advise to appeal the decision of the commission, especially if you intend to stay in this country for a long time.

Financial assistance is also given to those who are unable to take care of themselves independently and need a guardian (accompagnamento).

Disability benefit for minor children (idoneitร  di frequency) is given only on the condition that the children study or attend rehabilitation centers. Children with disabilities are also assigned care assistance (accompagnamento).

Steps: how to apply for disability in Italy

1. The treating or accredited doctor submits a certificate (certificato medico online) to the National Institute of Social Security (INPS), where he notes the diagnosis and adds a request for disability/handicap/accompaignamento.

The certificate has a cost of โ‚ฌ36 (some doctors also issue it for free)

2. Next, you need to apply to the patronage (patronato), an institution in Italy that performs assistance and protection functions for the benefit of employees, pensioners and all citizens who are on the territory of the state, to make an actual request for civil disability (per invalidity civile). This procedure is free, but you need a residence permit and a bank account to which the financial assistance will be transferred

3. The next step will be an examination at the medical board, for which you will need your medical certificates and their translation into Italian.

4. Get the commission's decision on the degree of disability.

5. If you have been denied financial assistance, there are two options:

  • submit an appeal to the court.
  • wait 6 months and submit another request for deterioration of health (aggravamento invalidity civile).

More information here mceclip0.png.

How can I help others? What volunteering organisations could I join?

If you are a private citizen, a third-sector organization or a firm, you can offer your help on the Protezione Civile platform here mceclip0.png.

On this platform you can offer hospitality to refugees fleeing from Ukraine or select what kind of help you are able to offer (psychological support, teaching, cultural mediation). Your offer of help will be evaluated and coordinated by the emergency coordination structures.

You can also join other volunteering groups:

How can Ukrainians apply for a Ukrainian pension abroad?

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad due to the war can now send an application for the appointment or renewal of a pension by mail.

An application for the appointment (renewal) of a pension can be sent to any territorial body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, regardless of the person's place of registration.

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