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What documents do I need to work in this country?

If you applied for Temporary Protection you can start working right after your application. If you are a third-country national and apply for asylum, you can start working 60 days after your asylum application is formalized. Please note that some professions could not be exercised without a professional license.

The same employment rules apply to Ukrainians as to Italians.

Where can I search for a job?

You can search for a job through the Employment Center (CPI) mceclip0.png or private recruiting companies (APL). Job centers help candidates write resumes, find internships, and start their own businesses.

You can search for jobs on these websites:

Additionally, you can search on these websites that help Ukrainians to find jobs:

The average salary in the country is about 2,400 euros. There is no minimum wage in Italy. The amount of wages in individual regions is determined in agreement with the local trade unions of CCNL.

Project on provision, reception and employment in Italy. Link mceclip0.png.

Most Ukrainians in Italy work in factories, shops, hotels, service companies, as well as in agriculture. Vacancies for packers are popular at factories manufacturing tobacco products, chocolate, seafood, clothing, cosmetics, etc. There are also many vacancies in construction and agriculture.

Average salary in the country:

  • farmworkers, waiters and cleaners - 800-1200 euros per month;
  • photographers - 1000-2000 euros;
  • taxi drivers - 1000-1500 euros.
Are there any services available to help me find a job?

The centri per lโ€™impiego, โ€œunemployment centerโ€ in English, is a good starting point for your job hunt. It offers a training to help you develop your professional skills and a job orientation to help you find work. The quality of the services and job opportunities you find there may vary across Italy. To find the closest center in your area, you can google โ€œcentro per lโ€™impiegoโ€ and the name of the city where youโ€™re staying. If you live in a small village, you can look for the centro per lโ€™impiego in the closest major town or city to you. Furthermore, there are plenty of online platforms where you can find job postings. You can find a guide on how to find a job in Italy and many resources for your job-hunting at mceclip0.png.

For further information and in order to receive updates, it's possible to contact the following bodies:

Are there any diploma and professional equivalence programs? How and where do I apply?

At this stage, there is automatic recognition of qualification only for medical professionals. If you need to get your professional qualification recognized in Italy (e.g. if you are a psychologist, electrician, hairdresser), you can find more information on the relevant procedure and institutions here: mceclip0.png.