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Where can I go to get emergency health care and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?

If you are in need of emergency medical care, you can go for free to the emergency room ('pronto soccorso') of any hospital, or call 112 for an emergency. You don't need any document to access emergencies. If you haven't applied for a permit of stay, you can request the STP code for foreigners temporary living in Italy at the desk of the local healthcare centers, and have access to preventive, essential and continuative medical care as well. If you have applied for a permit of stay, you can register with the National Healthcare System (SSN) at the desk of the local healthcare centers to have access to all healthcare services, including a family doctor. After the registration, you will receive a health card ('tessera sanitaria'). Note that some services are under payment, but if you have a low income or health vulnerabilities you can request the exemption from the fees. Learn more at mceclip0.png.

Additionally there's a toll-free number for Ukrainians in Italy for all questions: 1500 (round the clock; from 8:00 to 20:00 - in Ukrainian and Russian).

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has collected comprehensive information on how and where Ukrainians living abroad can receive free medical care: from consultations and examinations to inpatient treatment. See more here mceclip0.png.

Can I talk to a doctor in Ukrainian/Russian?

You can check mceclip0.png to arrange video call with a Ukrainian/Russian speaking doctor.

Where can I fill my prescription or treat long-term conditions and how much will it cost?

Ukrainians can count on free medical care until June 30, 2023.

Everyone has the right of access to preventive health care and to benefit from medical treatment. If you have a temporary protection permit, you need to register with the ASL (or ASP/ATS) medical institutions locally and choose a general practitioner (GP is similar to a family doctor in Ukraine) or a pediatrician for a child. This is done immediately at the institution during registration. GP will give you a prescription for medications if needed.

Useful contacts:

  • Toll-free number for Ukrainians in Italy for all questions: 1500 (round the clock; from 8:00 to 20:00 - in Ukrainian and Russian).

Doctor's appointment services in Italy:

A service for searching for 24/7 pharmacies: mceclip0.png.

More information at mceclip0.png.

Free medical care (Doctors without borders)

  • Naples +393316872638
  • Rome +393387244039
  • Milan +393387246244
  • Trieste +393420119155
I am pregnant, where can I get gynecology care?

In Italy, all treatments during your pregnancy and childbirth are free of charge, and you can access them even if you haven't applied for a permit of stay. You can book an appointment at a family counseling center ("consultorio" in Italian), which are free public facilities where you can receive support during your pregnancy. You can also call the regional healthcare helpline and book an appointment at the hospital. Please search on google CUP+ the region where you are. Learn more at mceclip0.png.

You can also find more information here mceclip0.png.

Doctor's appointment services in Italy:

Can I get vaccinated against Covid? Do I need certain documents?

Italy offers free Covid-19 vaccination (5 years and older). With vaccination comes the issuance of a COVID-19 Green Certification (green pass) through which you can more easily access transportation and other facilities.

You can request the vaccination at your nearest local health authority. Here mceclip0.png are the regional healthcare numbers you can call to get more info.

Foreigners vaccinated in Ukraine already in possession of the COVID-19 Green Certification with QR code can also use it in Italy.

Foreigners vaccinated in Ukraine in the last six months with Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson&Johnson or Novavax vaccine (or equivalent COVISHIELD, R-Covi, FIOCRUZ) without Green Certification, can apply for recognition and get the green pass by presenting identification documents and vaccination documentation at the nearest local health authority.

Foreigners not vaccinated or vaccinated with other vaccines, notwithstanding the possibility to be vaccinated in Italy, must undergo a Covid test for which, in case of negativity, a green Covid-19 certification is issued, lasting 72 hours for molecular swabs and 48 hours for antigenic swabs.

You can find more information here mceclip0.png.

Can I benefit from public health care?

Ukrainians can count on free medical care until June 30, 2023.

Temporary protection beneficiaries are equated, for the purpose of accessing the National Health Service, to Italian citizens. They will be issued a tax code, through which they will be able to access medical services.

To apply, you will need your tax code, cell phone, and email. Depending on the time that has passed since you applied for a temporary residence permit and the application you submit on the platform, the fee may be given to you in one monthly payment, or two monthly payments.

How to access the national healthcare system:
1. Minors. Registration with SSN is valid until 31/12/2022, with which the minor can see the PLS (free choice pediatrician) free of charge and therefore use the services requested in the prescription like any other patient registered with SSN and with exemption from payment.

2. A minor who does not have a Schengen visa and has not applied to the Police Headquarters for a residence permit. Requires an issued STP code (with possible declaration of indigence).

3. A person with a visa issued in the Schengen area and a person who has applied to the Questura for a residence permit and is waiting for its issuance. Possibility of a temporary registration for 6 months, renewable, with which he/she can visit the MMG (general practitioner) free of charge and therefore use the services requested in the prescription, like any other patient registered with SSN and with exemption from the E02 ticket, if attached to the registration form instead of the medical card.

You can find useful contacts here mceclip0.png under "healthcare".

Do I need to register in order to obtain health coverage and if yes how?

Yes, you should request for the โ€œSTP codeโ€ which is issued by the competent Police Headquarters (Questura). It allows the holder to receive essential healthcare services on equal terms with Italian citizens, at the same cost.

If you are a legally residing foreigner with a residence permit, you must register with the National Health Services. Where an individual has temporary protection, it is their choice to register with the SSN or continue with the STP already obtained.

The registration fee with the SSN amounts to โ‚ฌ 388.00, but is free if the foreign person is:

  • unemployed with a residence permit and enrolled in the employment waiting list;
  • a refugee with a regular certificate attesting such status and/or the asylum seeker status;
  • married to an Italian citizen and dependents on the latter;
  • minor with a parent residing in Italy and belonging to one of the categories listed above.

Please note that health insurance is mandatory in all EU countries.

What does public healthcare cover?

Under the National Health Services (the โ€œSSNโ€) the following prescriptions are included: urgent, essential and continuous ambulatory and hospital care for illness and injury in public and accredited facilities but with the STP only the following is excluded: Family Doctors (MMG) and the Paediatricians (PLS). In-patient care and primary care are free, as is visiting a doctor.

However, the public health system uses a ""co-pay"" system (cost-sharing between the SSN and the patient) for specialist visits, diagnostic procedures, and prescription medication. The elderly, pregnant women, children, and the poor are exempted from co-pay requirements.

Where can I go to get mental health support and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?

Once you have the STP you are entitled to mental health support. It is usually free and when payment is required, generally it is not expensive. The elderly, pregnant women, children, and low-income people are exempt from payment. Contact the various provincial or regional authorities in your area, as initiatives vary between regions. You can use the same contacts indicated above for healthcare.

You can use the contacts provided here mceclip0.png under "Mental Health". Additional information can be requested also to the so called โ€œProtezione Civileโ€ at the following contact centre: 800840840.

The National Psychological Association of Ukraine, with the support of the UN, the EU launched a free support line. Anyone affected by the hostilities can call the line. All the psychologists have undergone special training, provide counseling according to international standards and adhere to ethical standards.

Call +39 800 939 092, which is available daily from 10:00 to 20:00. All calls are free of charge.

The hotline administrator will accept your request, determine a convenient format and time, and direct you to a free psychologist. You will be offered audio or video sessions lasting up to 50 minutes.

Psychological help of the all-Ukrainian program "How are you?" available by phone +39 800 939 092.