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Do I need passport/vaccination certificate/chip to enter the country with a pet?

Upon your arrival to Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will ensure that your pet is vaccinated against rabies and is dewormed.

If the pet was vaccinated in an EU country - it will be tested for antibodies If vaccinated in Ukraine or not at all - the pet will receive a vaccine.

While you are waiting for the results of the first antibody test, the animal will be kept in home isolation with the owner. In case of dogs, the quarantine might be carried out in a authorized public or private center. Please contact the authorities in your region, as the rules might differ.

Official information in Spanish can be found here mceclip0.png.

How can I get vaccination for my pet on the go?

There are plenty of English-speaking vets in Barcelona mceclip0.png, Madrid mceclip0.png, and other large cities. If you canโ€™t find a vet who speaks your language, you can always inquire help on online expat forums mceclip0.png to help you with pet-related terminology in Spanish or Catalan, so you can go to a local, non-English-speaking vet if needed. You can get your pet vaccinated in any other vet clinic. Some clinics, offer free vaccination, such as:

How can I get medication for my pet?

You can check the full list of veterinarians in Spain here mceclip0.png or ask in your local pharmacy.

How can I get food for my pet?

Apart from local stores and supermarkets, here mceclip0.png you can find a list of online pet shops in Spain that do deliveries or simply place your order in Amazon.

How can I travel with my pet on a plane?

There are several airlines that allow flying with a pet onboard (i.e. Iberia, Vueling). It is up to the company to establish regulations and additional tariffs. Therefore we advise you to get in contact with the specific airline you plan to use. In most of the cases the pet shall not weight more than 10kg (together with a carriage), shall be vaccinated and microchiped.

The general rule is that pets (together with their crate) which remain below a certain weight may be carried in the cabin, whereas pets exceeding such threshold weight must be carried in the cargo area.

What's required to keep the pet in a given country?

You will need to have a microchip or other approved type of identification on their bodies, a valid rabies vaccine, a health inspection certified by an official veterinarian and certified copies of the identification and vaccination documents.