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What documents do I need to work in this country?

If you are under temporary protection and employed in a profession where there is an officially acknowledged labor shortage, then you can work without a work permit. The list of professions where there is a labor shortage is determined by the Secretary of Employment policy and is published here mceclip0.png on page 293.

If you are under temporary protection and employed in a profession where there is no labor shortage, you need a work permit issued by the Employment Authority. The work permit is issued on eased conditions (without labor demand and labor market assessment).

Those who get temporary protection can now work in certain jobs without a special permit. You can send your questions concerning these matters to and, or you can ask for assistance with job seeking at Menedรฉk Association mceclip0.png at

Where can I search for a job?

Prohuman mceclip0.png offers jobs for displaced Ukrainians in Hungary. You can register at their portal here mceclip0.png.

You can also search for a job on the following online portals:

International job search resources for Ukrainians:

Are there any services available to help me find a job?

Among the domestic job vacancies registered by the National Employment Service mceclip0.png, you can search, register, upload your CV and apply for open positions on the Virtual Labor Market Portal (VMP) mceclip0.png.

If you are looking for job opportunities in the Hungarian public sector, you should use the "Kรถzigรกllรกs" Public Service Job Portal mceclip0.png operated by the Ministry of the Interior. If you are interested in Church jobs, the Church Jobs Portal mceclip0.png will help you.

You can find more information on sector-based jobs and job sites here mceclip0.png.

Are there any diploma and professional equivalence programs? How and where do I apply?

General accreditation rules apply. The recognition of the education level, professional qualification or academic degree, certified by a foreign certificate and diploma, takes place during the recognition or naturalization procedure. The Hungarian Equivalence and Information Center of the Office of Education mceclip0.png is responsible for recognizing the level of education certified by higher education diplomas and the professional qualifications certified by them; the naturalization of academic degrees is carried out by Hungarian higher education institutions. You can read an official agreement between Ukraine's and Hungary's government mceclip0.png regarding the diploma accreditation.