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Do I need passport/vaccination certificate/chip to enter the country with a pet?

Current rules for the entry of pets into the territory of Turkey

  1. The animal must be chipped.
  2. Vaccination against rabies must be carried out on the day specified in the relevant section of the passport or veterinary certificate. This date must coincide with or be later than the insertion or application of the chip. If a booster vaccination was not given within the validity period of the previous one, this dose is considered the first.
  3. The veterinarian should take a blood serum antibody titration test three months before the animal's departure to Turkey. At least 30 days have passed since the last vaccination against rabies.
  4. The owner must present a veterinary certificate for the pet, issued and approved by the relevant service in Ukraine.

Entry of animals that cannot be vaccinated due to age

Unvaccinated puppies, kittens, other pets and decorative animals under three months of age may enter provided they comply with the sanitary standards determined by the local Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, taking into account the state of animal health in the country of origin.

Attention! Entry to the territory of Turkey is impossible without a veterinary passport.

How can I get vaccination for my pet on the go?

If your pet is not vaccinated or has a 3 year rabies vaccination administered over 12 months ago, your dog, cat or ferret can have a rabies titer test (FAVN) done at an approved laboratory prior to entering Turkey.

Veterinarians are located at the Turkish entry points but do not carry out vaccinations. Vaccinations can be carried out veterinary clinics within Turkey.

How can I get medication for my pet?

Pets can be checked and prescribed medication in veterinary clinics. According to the particular product, such medication can be obtained from the veterinary clinic or pharmacies.

How can I get food for my pet?

Pet food can be purchased from pet shops, private pet food companies or veterinary clinics in Turkey. A list of all private veterinarians operating within Turkey can be found here mceclip0.png. A list of all pet shops can be found here mceclip0.png.

How can I travel with my pet on a plane?

There are several airlines that allow flight with a pet onboard. It is up to each airplane to establish their regulations and additional tariffs will be generally perceived. Therefore we advise you to get in contact with the specific airline.

The general rule is that pets (together with their crate) which remain below a certain weight may be carried in the cabin, whereas pets exceeding such threshold weight must be carried in the cargo area.

What's required to keep the pet in a given country?

Every pet must have a microchip. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. If it is not vaccinated or it has the 3 year vaccination, then it need to be tested. Moreover, a rabies titer test is required for cats and dogs. Your pets need a health certificate.