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Where can I go to get emergency health care and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?
  • For emergency health care you can go to any state medical facility - Przychodnia. To find out more, call the 24/7 helpline on: 800 190 590.
  • You can also go to some private clinics, like Lux Med mceclip0.png that offers free support. You can contact them at 22 45 87 007 and
  • Damian Medical center mceclip0.png
  • Check out this platform mceclip0.png that was created to help refugees find free medical and psychological support.

A medical care center for Ukrainian immigrants was opened in Warsaw. This was announced on the website of the Military Medical Institute of Poland.

Here, Ukrainians will be able to receive not only emergency care, but also prevention and anti-epidemic protection.

Persons who arrived in Poland after February 24, 2022 and are:

  • citizens of Ukraine,
  • husband or wife of a citizen of Ukraine,
  • citizens of Ukraine with a Pole's Card,
  • members of the closest relatives of a citizen of Ukraine with a Pole Card.

In the medical center will be available:

  • pediatric consultations,
  • internal medicine consultations,
  • gynecological consultations,
  • surgical consultations,
  • psychological consultations,
  • necessary laboratory and imaging diagnostics,
  • vaccination of adults and children.

To make an appointment, you need to go to the Center's registry in person or call the number: +48 261 817 852.

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Address: Szaserรณw 128, 04-141 Warszawa.

Source mceclip0.png.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has collected comprehensive information on how and where Ukrainians living abroad can receive free medical care: from consultations and examinations to inpatient treatment. See more here mceclip0.png.

A free medical center mceclip0.png for Ukrainians has been opened in Warsaw (free services, examinations).

You can make an appointment with a doctor:

  • directly at the Center's registry at the address: ul. Szaserรณw 128, Warszawa (modular hospital building);
  • by phone: 261 817 852 and 261 817 865.

Later, they plan to open such centers in other cities of Poland.

Can I talk to a doctor in Ukrainian/Russian?

You can check this source mceclip0.png where Ukrainian/Russian speaking doctors are listed.

Where can I go to fill my subscriptions or treat long-term conditions and how much it costs?

You can get prescription medicines in any state medical facility nearby (Przychodnia) or Luxmed facility mceclip0.png. You can also use the service to get medicines for a discounted price. Check more information here mceclip0.png.

Moreover 100,000 refugees from Ukraine in Poland will receive 500 ZL for medicines that can be purchased in pharmacies across the country. To activate the program you need to register at mceclip0.png . After that you will receive an e-mail with an individual code that allows you to receive funds for the purchase of drugs. The code can be displayed in the application on the smartphone screen or printed out and submitted in paper form to the pharmacist. Funding will cover many prescription and over-the-counter drugs, including anti-diabetic drugs.

Any citizen of Ukraine who crossed the Polish border after February 24, 2022 can use this assistance in case they can provide the PESEL number. Both adults and minors can join the assistance program. If you don't have PESEL you will need:

  • passport or ID;
  • medical documents if available;
  • confirmation of your arrival to Poland after February 24, 2022.

Ukrainian immigrants who received temporary protection in Poland can receive compensation for the purchase of medicines. This was reported in the Ministry of Reintegration.

For this you need to have:

  • prescription from a doctor;
  • PESEL number and a document stating that the person crossed the border no earlier than February 24, 2022.

Only certain medicines are eligible for reimbursement, the list of which is updated every month. Look for the current list at the linkmceclip0.png.

You can check foreign equivalents of Ukrainian medicinesย hereย mceclip0.png.

I am pregnant, where can I get gynecology care?

Lux Med mceclip0.png that offers free support. You can contact them at 22 45 87 007 and
Damian Medical center mceclip0.pngย also offers free help to those who fled the war in Ukraine, for more details visit the website or call 22 566 22 20.
Check out this platform mceclip0.png that was created to help Ukrainian refugees find free medical and psychological support.

Please check out this website mceclip0.pngย for a bigger list of clinics available for Ukrainian women in Krakow.
Can I get vaccinated against Covid? Do I need certain documents?

Yes, you can get vaccinated for free in one of the vaccination centers mceclip0.png. You need to provide a document confirming your identity.
Check for more details here mceclip0.png.

How can Ukrainian children in Poland get the necessary vaccinations?

The instructions were shared by together with the Unbreakable Ukraine Foundation and the UN Children's Fund UNICEF.

Children and young people under 19 must be vaccinated. Without the necessary vaccinations, the child may not be admitted to kindergarten or school. This service is free for Ukrainians.

Vaccination is carried out according to the Polish immunization calendar mceclip0.png.

Can I benefit from public health care?

You are entitled to free healthcare services in Poland if:

  • You are a Ukrainian national;
  • Spouses of Ukrainian citizens who came from Ukraine to Poland;
  • Ukrainian citizens with a Pole's Card who came to Poland;
  • Immediate family members of a Ukrainian citizen with a Pole's Card;
  • And you can present a document proving that you crossed the border no earlier than 24 February 2022.

More information at mceclip0.png.

In the medical system of primary and secondary care in Poland, a number of changes were introduced from October 1. They should help reduce electronic queues for specialist doctors. The innovations of the Ministry of Health of Poland concern examinations in the field of cardiology, diabetology, pulmonary diseases, endocrinology, etc.

Now, instead of specialist doctors, patients will go to a family doctor. Recently, the Ministry of Health expanded the list of examinations for which referrals can be made by family doctors.

Now you can contact your family doctor with the results of the examination. He has the right to call a specialist doctor himself for consultation, and after that to prescribe further treatment. This will additionally reduce the burden on specialists and queues for them.

More information here mceclip0.png.

Do I need to register in order to obtain health coverage and if yes how?

You can have access to use a public healthcare system with or without registration as long as:

  • you are a Ukrainian national;
  • present a document proving that you crossed the border no earlier than 24 February 2022.

Official information at mceclip0.png.

Please note that health insurance is mandatory in all EU countries.

What does public healthcare cover?
As part of healthcare services, you have access to:
  • primary healthcare
  • specialist healthcare
  • dental care
  • diagnostic tests
  • hospital treatment
  • physical rehabilitation
  • subsidised medications
  • COVID-19 related services (vaccination, testing, treatment)

To find out more, call the 24/7 helpline on: 800 190 590.

Check for more information at mceclip0.png.

Where can diabetics get help?

The Polish Diabetes Association has opened about 100 assistance points for diabetes patients from Ukraine who left the country because of the war.

Help can be received by people with all types of diabetes who were forced to leave Ukraine and need emergency assistance to ensure continuity of treatment.

Help you can get:

  • Material assistance for the supply of basic drugs for the treatment of diabetes;
  • Material assistance in cases of using special diets;
  • Help in obtaining information about the treatment of refugees with diabetes in Poland.

The list of places where help is provided can be found at the link mceclip0.png.

Where can I go to get mental health support and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?
  • Fundacja Ocalenie mceclip0.png offers free psychological support.
  • You can benefit from psychological help directly at the headquarters of the Crisis Intervention Center at ul. Radziwiล‚ล‚owska 8b or by contacting the 24-hour telephone number 12 421 92 82 or chat mceclip0.png. The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Centre of Good Therapy mceclip0.png also launches free psychiatric and psychological support at the headquarters next to ul. Miล‚kowskiego 7 in Krakow or online. For help call: 12 264 17 41.
  • Damian Medical Center mceclip0.png also offers psychological support.
    For resources available in Krakow visit here mceclip0.png or for online consultations visit here mceclip0.png.

The National Psychological Association of Ukraine, with the support of the UN, the EU launched a free support line. Anyone affected by the hostilities can call the line. All the psychologists have undergone special training, provide counseling according to international standards and adhere to ethical standards.

Call +48 800 088 141, which is available daily from 10:00 to 20:00. All calls are free of charge.

The hotline administrator will accept your request, determine a convenient format and time, and direct you to a free psychologist. You will be offered audio or video sessions lasting up to 50 minutes.

Psychological help of the all-Ukrainian program "How are you?" available by phone +48 800 088 141.