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Where can I go to get emergency health care and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?

Ukrainian citizens may use free public health services, including emergency healthcare.
You can also get free medical help in several private clinics in Moldova, including:

You can read more about the help provided in Moldova in the bottom of this page .

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has collected comprehensive information on how and where Ukrainians living abroad can receive free medical care: from consultations and examinations to inpatient treatment. See more here .

Can I talk to a doctor in Ukrainian/Russian?

Most of the doctors speak Russian in Moldova.

Where can I go to fill my subscriptions or treat long-term conditions and how much it costs?

You have to contact the National Company for Health Insurance in this respect. Please see the relevant information here .

I am pregnant, where can I get gynecology care?

Almost any state clinic has a gynecology department. In addition, there are a number of private clinics specialised in gynecology. For instance:

For more resources please check out 'medical help' here .

Can I benefit from public health care?

Yes, you can benefit from public health care, even if you don't have health insurance. To register for it you need to go to one of the local representatives listed here . You can also contact them via:

  • tel: 022 223166
  • Green Line 0-800-99999, 8.00-17.00, Monday-Friday.
Do I need to register in order to obtain health coverage and if yes how?

Currently, there are no registration requirements for Ukrainian citizens.

What does public healthcare cover?

What medical services can you access with the required health care policy:

  • Pre-hospital emergency medical care;
  • Primary care - is the set of medical services that includes prophylaxis, curative counseling and support activities provided by the family doctor and his team;
  • Specialized outpatient care - includes the set of medical services provided by the specialist in the treatment that does not require hospitalization;
  • Hospital care is provided when all the possibilities of outpatient care have been exhausted or the state of health needs to be monitored in hospital conditions. There are district, municipal, departmental and republican hospitals in the Republic of Moldova. Only the specialist doctor has the right to issue a referral ticket for hospitalization in republican-level institutions.

Check for more information at .

Where can I go to get mental health support and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?
  • You may contact health clinics specialised on mental health support. One of the clinics is .
  • offers free mental consultation to people fleeing the war. You can register by contacting 68527262 Nikoleta (Viber, Telegram), 067615777 (calls), 060157088 Emilia (call, Viber, Telegram).