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Where can I go to find emergency/short-term housing?

You can find short-term housing on the following platforms:

Can I access public housing or housing provided by the state? How and where do I apply for public housing?

In Romania, asylum seekers have the right to be accommodated in one of the six Regional Centers for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers mceclip0.png managed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration. More information can be found at mceclip0.png.

Those who do not seek asylum can contact the competent authorities or the volunteers groups in order to get help in finding free accommodation.

How do I find long term housing?

You can apply for public housing at the county committees for emergency situations.

These are the counties where most of the persons fleeing from Ukraine enter into Romania.

Romanians also try to help Ukrainians and accept refugees in their homes. A special platform Un Acoperisฬฆ (The Roof) mceclip0.png has been created to search for housing. It registers legal entities and individuals who can provide rooms and houses for people living in shelters provided by the Romanian authorities. You can search for housing independently on the resources mceclip0.png and mceclip0.png. In Bucharest, rental prices are much higher than in other cities.

EU4UA is a platform for finding housing in Europe together with other Ukrainians

A new roommate search function has been launched on the EU4UA platform.

Renting housing with other people will allow:

  • save money by sharing housing costs with other people;
  • have a greater choice of housing;
  • to find friends, expand the network of social contacts and feel supported in a new country.

Go to the platform via the link mceclip0.png.

If I am staying with friends and family in the long term, what documents do I need to fill out to make it official? How can I obtain proof of residency?

Please note that the person hosting you has the obligation to declare this, within 3 days, to the competent territorial police body. Failure to comply with the obligation to notify is considered a contravention and is sanctioned with a fine from 100 lei to 500 lei.

For the registration of the accommodation, there is alternatively the possibility of registration in the portal made available by the General Inspectorate for Immigration mceclip0.png.

In case of accommodation in hotels or other tourist facilities you need to talk to the administrator of the place and within 24 hours they will communicate the necessary data to the competent territorial police body.