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Can I enter the country without a visa?

Currently, in 99% of cases, citizens of third countries who need a visa to enter the Schengen area are not allowed through. Only those immigrants who cross the border for the purpose of reunification with their family (for example, a wife and child - citizens of Ukraine who received Temporary Protection in Europe) can pass without a visa.

The Ukrainian government infoline +380 934 185 684 is available for people from non-European countries (mainly students from Africa and Asia).

Can I get refugee status in the country?

The temporary refuge is also provided to non-Ukrainian citizens meeting one of the following conditions:

  • They were granted permanent residence in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and cannot return safely to their country/region of origin.
  • They were granted asylum or international protection by Ukraine before 24 February 2022.
  • Their family members (spouse, minor children, dependent members of their household) residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 can also apply for a temporary refuge status.

More information at mceclip0.png.

How long can I stay in the country?

Non-Ukrainian nationals can stay up to 1 year in the country provided they receive the temporary protection or asylum. Without the temporary protection or asylum, they can stay for 90 days within a period of 180 days.

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