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Where can I go to get emergency health care and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?

Persons who have applied for or have been granted temporary refuge are gaining access to urgent health care. This is provided by the outpatient emergency service in the relevant region or city where the patient is located or at the central hospital reception in that city. Contacts can be found here .
Refugees, who do not have any protection status, are entitled to emergency healthcare treatment for the first 30 days of their stay.
Persons who apply for asylum have secured health care in the facility in Humennรฉ.

Health Line for Ukraine โ€“ Rapid medical consultation in Ukrainian available free of charge, daily from 7:00 to 19:00 by phone +421 2 21025075ย 

In case of an urgent health problem, it is necessary to call the Emergency Medical Service on the number 155 or 112.
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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has collected comprehensive information on how and where Ukrainians living abroad can receive free medical care: from consultations and examinations to inpatient treatment. See more here .

Can I talk to a doctor in Ukrainian/Russian?

Health Line for Ukraine โ€“ Rapid medical consultation in Ukrainian available free of charge, daily from 7:00 to 19:00 by phone +421 2 21025075 or online chat .

Two contact centers for patients from Ukraine have been operating in Bratislava since April (Nemocnica akademika Ladislava Dรฉrera and Nemocnica sv. Cyrila a Metoda on Antolska Street) providing emergency medical care with Ukrainian-speaking staff. Both centres are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 14:00.

Mobile clinic Equita advises in Ukrainian: +421 948 339 647 (also WhatsApp),

Where can I go to fill my subscriptions or treat long-term conditions and how much it costs?

Prescribed medication as well as some over the counter medication will be provided for Ukrainian citizens with the status of temporary protection free of charge.

Information for individuals:

  1. with temporary protection, who are NOT employed;
  2. who are employed but whose income is less than 700 EUR/month;
  3. who are employed and have an income of 700 EUR/month and have signed a contract with Vลกeobecnรก zdravotnรก poisลฅovลˆayu.

In this case, your insurance company is Vลกeobecnรก zdravotnรก poisลฅovลˆa (VลกZP) .

Before going to the doctor, check whether the doctor has a contract with VลกZP.

Please note that the mere status of temporary protection does not give you the right to consult any family doctor, you can only consult a doctor who works with VลกZP.

HERE you can find out about a doctor who works in your area and has a contract with VลกZP.

Information for persons who are employed and have an agreement with another insurance company:

The list of available doctors can be viewed on the following pages:

Information for everyone

HERE you can find out about the location and opening hours of the nearest polyclinic

On the website , you can view the doctors who see you at your location, as well as whether a specific doctor has a contract with the insurance company in which you are insured.

Usually, the doctor's office displays the logos of the insurance companies he works with, which will help you find out if this doctor can work with you.

Remember that a medical examination always begins with a general practitioner, who, based on the examination, will recommend you to see a specialist and issue an appropriate referral.

I am pregnant, where can I get gynecology care?

You can get free gynecological care and consultations at several clinics; full list with details here .

Can I benefit from public health care?
  • People with temporary refuge status receive access to urgent medical care.
  • People who are in transit (i.e. have not yet applied for temporary refuge/asylum/subsidiary protection) are entitled to reimbursement for emergency care, but for a maximum of 30 days from the date of entry into the territory of the Slovakia.
  • People granted subsidiary protection are entitled to full reimbursement of health care, they are presented with a claim card issued by the General Health Insurance Fund .
  • People who have applied for asylum are entitled to reimbursement for medical care.
  • People with granted asylum have an insurance card which entitles them to the same range of healthcare as an insured person of the Slovak Republic.
  • People staying in Slovakia under visa-free travel do not have access to Slovak health insurance. You can take out commercial health insurance.
Do I need to register in order to obtain health coverage and if yes how?

You must apply for temporary protection (refuge) or asylum. In both cases you will be entitled to urgent and necessary indicated health care. This also means such health care that the doctor recommends by examination. There is an emergency service in the relevant region or city, or a central hospital reception. Once you receive the temporary protection or asylum you will be entitled to the full health care coverage. In the event of a threat to life, health care is provided immediately to everyone in the Slovak Republic.

More information on the official Government's site .

Please note that health insurance is mandatory in all EU countries.

What does public healthcare cover?

With the health card, most services are covered or reimbursed, including preventative care, diagnostics and treatment, nursing and natal care.
More information to be found on the Ministry of Health .

From 01.01.2023, the Slovak Ministry of Health has expanded the range of medical care (not only emergency cases) provided to refugees, namely children and adolescents from birth to 18 years plus 364 days. They now have the right to full medical care to the same extent as Slovak children and adolescents (preventive examinations, emergency medical care and medical procedures and spa services). More information here .

The vast majority of dental services are not free. However, if your case is urgent or you require emergency medical care, then at the doctor's discretion, you may be given care free of charge.

You can find emergency dental care contacts on the website - List of emergency dental care points .

Where can I go to get mental health support and how much it costs? Do I need certain documents?

Mental health services are covered by public insurance. You need to contact a district doctor and present a proof of temporary protection. Then, the relevant specialist will be recommended. You don't need any specific documents. In case of need, you can contact free and anonymous crisis lines that provide psychological help in the Ukrainian language:

The National Psychological Association of Ukraine, with the support of the UN, the EU launched a free support line. Anyone affected by the hostilities can call the line. All the psychologists have undergone special training, provide counseling according to international standards and adhere to ethical standards.

Call +421 800 182 399, which is available daily from 10:00 to 20:00. All calls are free of charge.

The hotline administrator will accept your request, determine a convenient format and time, and direct you to a free psychologist. You will be offered audio or video sessions lasting up to 50 minutes.

Psychological help of the all-Ukrainian program "How are you?" available by phone +421 800 182 399.