Free education resources that will help you land a new job or integrate in a new country.

Language courses

Preply.png  Preply

Preply, the global language tutoring platform, has launched a program for displaced Ukrainians who want to learn English, German, Polish and other languages. The group classes are free, online and last 60 minutes. 

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Mondly.png   The Educational Equality Institute

The Educational Equality Institute is running free live classes and 1:1 language tutoring. Their classes are offered in most European languages with Ukrainian and Russian speaking teachers. More information here mceclip0.png.

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EEI.png   Mondly

Mondly is a language learning app that offers learning services for 40 languages. Their services are completely free if you choose Ukrainian as your native language.

image.png   Babbel

You can learn German, Polish, and English languages in Ukrainian in the Babbel app. To get free access you need to select Ukrainian as the display language.

Upskilling courses

google-logo-png-suite-everything-you-need-know-about-google-newest-0.png   Google Career Certificates

Flexible online training programs designed to earn job-ready skills in high-growth career fields such as IT Support, Project Management, Data Analytics and UX Design, available on in English. No relevant experience or degree required.

google-logo-png-suite-everything-you-need-know-about-google-newest-0.png   Skillshop

Online product training and certifications on Google Ads, Marketing Platform, Analytics, AdManager, etc. Develop skills you can apply right away, with e-learning courses designed by Google product experts. Learn at your own pace and get Google product certified.

Mondly.png   The Educational Equality Institute

Together with its partners TEEI helps 100.000 Ukrainians find a job remotely through their free upskilling and job-related educational programs, such as web development, growth marketing, 3D modelling, data analytics and more. More information here mceclip0.png.

Education for children
In most countries it is mandatory to enroll your child in the local school. Please check the regulations with local authorities and read more about host countries‘ education responses on the map created by UNESCO.

We recommend continuing distance learning at the state All-Ukrainian School Online for students of 5-11 grades. This would ensure, your child is not to dropping out of the Ukrainian educational program.

Logo_OPTIMA_SCHOOL_vert_color.png   Optima School

Optima School - one of the leading private schools in Ukraine - together with Children's Future offers scholarships for 2022-2023 school year for children of 1-11 grades who are heavily impacted by the war. Those who don't qualify can still enroll for a discounted price.

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1200px-YouTube_social_red_square__2017_.svg.png   Youtube Learning hub

Learning Hub offers children in class 7 to 11 academic content aligned with the Ukrainian curriculum, and has sub- channels with content organized by level. You should have your language or country set to Ukrainian / Ukraine on desktop & mobile to have access to the content.

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image__3_.png   Let's shake hands

Let’s Shake Hands is a free platform for Ukrainian children to get connected with mentors and learn a new language, a school subject or just get help in integration in a new country free of charge. You can also become a mentor regardless your age.

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