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What other forms of social support/welfare should I know about? (Buddy systems, etc.) Who is eligible? How does someone apply?

As soon as you have issued temporary protection in France, you need to contact the France's Immigration and Integration Office to issue a cash assistance (ADA). The amount of this assistance will depend on the size of your family and whether you live in a housing provided by the state or not.

Also you are eligible for the following support:
โ€ข A right to stay in France;
โ€ข The access to the labour market or the ability to create a company;
โ€ข A support in accessing housing;
โ€ข An access to care through health care;
โ€ข An access to school for minor children;
โ€ข An access to daycare for babies;
โ€ข Free or subsidized French classes (use the mceclip0.png search)

You can use mceclip0.png to search for services provided to Ukrainians in France (you have to activate the relevant filter).

You can learn about all types of available social support at mceclip0.png and mceclip0.pngย .

More information at mceclip0.pngย and mceclip0.pngย .

The French Family Assistance Fund (CAF) provides mceclip0.png financial assistance to Ukrainian immigrants. Ukrainians living in France and who have obtained "temporary protection" can receive money for housing rent or children's education.

There are several types of financial assistance, payments can be provided for partial compensation of the cost of housing rent, or for the maintenance of minor children in large families. Housing subsidies can be received during the entire period of residence. Usually, the money is transferred directly to the homeowner, and the tenant pays the difference himself.

The amount of assistance depends on several factors:

  • the cost of rent
  • area and type of housing
  • the number and age of people living there
  • marital status
  • wages of the tenant

The CAF`s service will answer whether a person can count on financial assistance and in what amount. If so, you need to make an online request mceclip0.png for assistance and create an account on the fund's website mceclip0.png.

Free legal assistance of UA Support mceclip0.png for refugees from different countries.

Are there any social benefits I can claim such as child support?

If you receive temporary protection, you are entitled to financial assistance (ADA), the amount of which depends on the number of people in your family.

Go to mceclip0.png in order to check amount for your specific situation.

Families with two or more children can also claim monthly financial assistance. CAF will cover the cost of education and maintenance of children under 20 years of age. These can be expenses for educational institutions, clothing, food, children's recreation, etc.

The amount of child support depends on the financial situation of the family, the number of children and their age. For example, for low-income parents, this amount per month is:

  • 134 euros for two children,
  • 307 euros for three children,
  • 479 euros for four children,
  • 172 euros for another child.

You can calculate mceclip0.png the amount of assistance in the Paje calculator. And you can apply for assistance online on the CAF website mceclip0.png. The following documents are required for filling:

  • bank account,
  • a copy of temporary protection,
  • a copy of the passport,
  • copies of passports or birth certificates of children,
  • declaration on the status of family benefits and housing allowance,
  • income declaration for 2021.

More information about the work of the Family Assistance Fund, as well as the possibility of receiving payments, can be found on the organization's website mceclip0.png.

Also, minors are eligible for medical support and access to the education system from 3 years old and daycare for toddlers.
You can learn about available social support at mceclip0.pngย .

More information at mceclip0.pngย .

Are there any social benefits for pregnant and nursing women?

A woman should consult a gynecologist or obstetrician to monitor her pregnancy. Each city and town has a PMI (center de protection maternelle et infantile), which a woman can apply for (example mceclip0.png for Paris). These centers will also help women choose the maternity hospital where she will give birth.

It should be noted that the maternity hospital must be registered in advance. If you come to France in the third trimester of pregnancy and you need an urgent examination, we advise you to consult one of the hospitals: Hรดpital Robert Debrรฉ mceclip0.png, Hรดpital Delafontaine mceclip0.png or Hรดpital Diaconesses mceclip0.png . More information at mceclip0.pngย .

You can find a doctor and book an appointment on the Doctolib mceclip0.png website. This is an instruction mceclip0.png on how to book a medical appointment.

A general information about pregnancy and giving a birth in France can be found here mceclip0.pngย .

How can I meet and socialize with other Ukrainians in a similar position?

You can connect and socialise with Ukrainians in Italy via following social groups:

โ€ข UKRAINIANS IN FRANCE mceclip0.pngย 
โ€ข ะฃะบั€ะฐั—ะฝั†ั– ัƒ ะคั€ะฐะฝั†ั–ั— "ะ†ะดะตั— ะฑะตะท ะบะพั€ะดะพะฝั–ะฒ" mceclip0.pngย 
โ€ข ะฃะšะ ะะ‡ะะกะฌะšะ† ะ‘ะ†ะ–ะ•ะะฆะ† ะฃ ะคะ ะะะฆะ†ะ‡๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ mceclip0.pngย 
โ€ข ะฃะบั€ะฐั—ะฝั†ั– ะฒ ะŸะฐั€ะธะถั– ั– ะคั€ะฐะฝั†ั–ั— mceclip0.pngย 
โ€ข mceclip0.pngย 
โ€ข mceclip0.pngย 

You can find a list of cultural events dedicated to Ukrainians and Ukrainian culture here mceclip0.png . You can use mceclip0.pngย to search for activities provided to Ukrainians in France (you have to activate the relevant filter).
Are there specific social supports available to me if I am elderly?

You can search for services provided to elderly people at mceclip0.png and mceclip0.pngย .

Paris and some other cities organised "accueil de jour", reception points where people can meet, talk about their needs and receive necessary information. To search for a reception point in your city use mceclip0.pngย .

Are there specific social supports available to me if I have a disability?

The Departmental House of Handicapped People ( MDPH ) is a place of information and support for people with disabilities present in each department. It allocates specific allowance to disabled people, depending on their situation.

Get help in cases of a disability (MDPH) at mceclip0.pngย .

The AuditionSolidaritรฉ offers free hearing aids to any person with a hearing impairement without a social security coverage or AME (State Medical Aid). Get free hearing care with AuditionSolidaritรฉ at mceclip0.pngย .

How can I help others? What volunteering organisations could I join?

The Ministry of the Interior has set up a web page for individuals in France who want to help refugees. It offers advice for those who want to offer temporary accommodation, as well as other, equally valuable, aid to help Ukrainians who plan to stay in France for some time.

Useful links:

If you want to help other Ukrainians, you can offer your services in these group:

How can Ukrainians apply for a Ukrainian pension abroad?

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad due to the war can now send an application for the appointment or renewal of a pension by mail.

An application for the appointment (renewal) of a pension can be sent to any territorial body of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, regardless of the person's place of registration.

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