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What documents do I need to work in this country?

Ukrainians who are granted temporary protection are eligible to work in France, you will need to present a proof of temporary protection. Ukrainians who have obtained a temporary residence permit will be able to work in France on the condition that they have also been granted a temporary work permit. The temporary work permit is an administrative certificate issued for a maximum of 12 months at the request of the employer and upon presentation of a promise of employment or an employment contract.

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Where can I search for a job?
You can search for jobs on these websites:

Some French companies that open dedicated headcount for Ukrainians:

Additionally you can search on these websites that help Ukrainians to find jobs:
Are there any services available to help me find a job?

You can sign up for coaching program:

โ€ข You are introduced to a mentor who has a lot of professional experience.
โ€ข You meet your mentor once a week for 6 months
โ€ข You work together on your job search.

The program is free and personalized.

Also, check ENTREVOIX programme in order to get help.

To find a job, we advise you to contact the local employment center Pole Emploi . Here you can get advice on employment and features of the country's labor market. You can search for a job independently on the resources: Indeed and Monster .

Are there any diploma and professional equivalence programs? How and where do I apply?

Comparability certificate can be requested at the Center โ€œEnic-Naric : French center for information on the academic and professional recognition of diplomasโ€.

Moreover, The Validation of prior learning (VAE) Without Borders allows you to:

โ€ข Recognize your professional and / or volunteer experiences carried out in your country of origin or in France;
โ€ข Transform this experience into a diploma recognized in France;
โ€ข Be accompanied by advisers specializing in the VAE course.

To learn more about the VAE program see