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Every day we are approached with similar requests:

  • "Where to get humanitarian aid in Ukraine?"
  • "Where can I turn for psychological support?"
  • "Is there financial support for those who stayed in Ukraine?"

We provide only informational and legal support to Ukrainians. However, our team has compiled a list of organizations that provide financial, humanitarian, psychological, medical and other assistance to those currently in Ukraine.

You can find a list of such organizations at the following link mceclip0.png.

Rubikus is a team of volunteers mceclip0.png that helps Ukrainians fleeing the war, evacuate from dangerous territories where hostilities are taking place, and find shelter in European countries.

Organizations involved in helping the affected people of Kherson

Ministry of Reintegration in Ukraine. mceclip0.png

1. USAID Ukraine mceclip0.png.

The organization works together with the Kherson regional and city administrations, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Reconstruction of Ukraine and other non-governmental institutions. The organization plans to provide more than 22.5 million hryvnias to affected households.

2. Assistance from the government of Great Britain.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Department (FCDO) is providing ยฃ16 million to help Ukrainians affected by the Kakhovka Dam blast. This amount will be distributed between the Red Cross Movement, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the International Organization for Migration.

3. "Gurkit" Charitable Foundation mceclip0.png.

They support the de-occupied communities of the Kherson region. The fund started a collection for the victims. Anyone can join the collection to contribute to the purchase of drinking water, water filters, pumps and hoses.

4. Rescue Now Foundation mceclip0.png.

Volunteers of the Kharkiv Foundation actively help the people of Kherson. Ukrainians have already donated over UAH 14 million to provide people with humanitarian aid. Volunteers expect to deliver more than 7 tons of aid, which includes 192 sets of dishes and bed linen, 216 hygiene kits, 40 animal carriers and 200 kg of feed.

5. Project "Near" of the Ukrainian Volunteer Service mceclip0.png.

The program provides: โƒ financial assistance for individual evacuation of volunteers and their families; โƒ funds to pay for the hostel after evacuation; โƒ financial support for initiatives that provide emergency assistance to victims; โƒ individual crisis consultations with a professional psychologist; To get help, you need to fill out the form:

6. Volunteers of the Kyiv Tails Foundation evacuate animals.

Representatives of the fund take animals out of dangerous places, and also look for respite for them. So they desperately need carriers and food. You can read more details and apply for evacuation here mceclip0.png.

7. Public charitable organization ZHIVA mceclip0.png.

Organization of urgent care with shelter. They also provide psychological assistance.

8. Danish Refugee Council (DRC) mceclip0.png.ย 

Evacuated residents of Kherson Oblast can receive financial assistance from the international organization DRS. Ukrainians evacuating from the Kherson region to Mykolaiv due to flooding can register for financial assistance from the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Registration takes place on the territory of the Railway Station and the Bus Station in the city of Mykolaiv. To do this, it is necessary to approach a representative of the DRC, wearing a vest with the logo, or to places marked with banners of the organization. To register for assistance, the following documents must be submitted: โ€ข passport, โ€ข individual tax number. Free legal advice is also provided at the point of registration.

9. Medecins du Monde - France.

Medical and psychological assistance. Conduct individual psychologist consultations, group PSS classes for children and adults. The team is on standby at the railway and bus stations in Mykolaiv + visits to 4 IDP centers in Mykolaiv. URCS helpline available: 0800339801, +380675106227.

10. MSF Belgium.

Medical and humanitarian aid. * Kherson, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk regions. Mobile clinics of primary health care and NCDs. Stabilization point and ambulance service in Darivka. Psychological consultation. Little rehabilitation. Distribution of Watsons kits, hygiene kits, drinking water, NFI. Contact:

11. GO "OCEAN DOBRA" mceclip0.png.

Organized the "Transit stay center for people with reduced mobility in Dnipro during evacuation from the territories of hostilities". *Dnipropetrovsk. A transit stay center for persons with disabilities and elderly evacuees from the territories of hostilities was organized in 150 cities. More than 2,180 people have already passed through it. During their stay at the Center, the beneficiaries must receive the necessary initial social support, decide on the place of further stay depending on the wishes and capabilities of the beneficiary (hospitalization, nursing home for the elderly, transit to the western regions of Ukraine or abroad, etc.) and receive all the necessary information for further evacuation according to the selected option. Family medicine doctors, psychologists, rehabilitation doctors, lawyers, and social workers are involved.ย 

12. MdM Germany.

*Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia.

Areas of work:

  • Supply of medical equipment, medicines and consumables to healthcare facilities.
  • Conducting educational events and providing support for the activities of medical workers in the field of sexual and reproductive health.
  • Training and supervisory support for providing psychological support to representatives of the medical sector, social protection, using evidence-based WHO intervention.
  • Conducting sessions to raise public awareness of health issues and health care reform in Ukraine.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, a midwife/gynecologist and a psychologist work in mobile teams.

During the appointment of the midwife/gynecologist, the following is carried out (at the request of the client):

  • examination on the gynecological chair;
  • smear collection;ย 
  • examination of mammary glands;
  • consultation on issues of sexual and reproductive health and methods of contraception;
  • providing treatment recommendations based on test results.

Services provided by a psychologist:

  • individual consultations at the request of clients (increased anxiety, low mood, change in the behavior of adults and children, etc.);
  • help in overcoming stress and developing the necessary skills;
  • support and help in solving complex life problems;
  • increasing awareness of the psychologist's work.

Our specialists guarantee the confidentiality of information and an impartial attitude.

All services are free.

Contacts: +380939790268,

13. Kherson Regional Center "Successful Woman" mceclip0.png.

* Kherson.

Comprehensive assistance to victims of GHZ (consultations of a lawyer and a psychologist, financial assistance).

Contact:, 380666764343.

14. Odesa Charitable Foundation "Way to Home" mceclip0.png.

*Odesa, Mykolayivska.

Comprehensive assistance.

In the Mykolayiv region - evacuation of the population to Odesa and Palanka.

In the Odesa region - housing for up to 1 month, food, psychological assistance for adults and children, legal assistance, humanitarian assistance, social support, developmental and psychotherapeutic leisure for children.

Evacuation: +38 063 213 12 85 Valeriya.

Settlement: Oksana, +38 063 904 00 22, Inna.

Psychological help: +38 063 179 73 00, Oryna.

15. NGO "ELEOS-Ukraine" mceclip0.png.

"ELEOS-Kherson" NGO (local representative office) Psychological assistance and evacuation assistance to the people of Kherson.

*All Ukraine, Kherson.

In Kherson region: free evacuation, free accommodation in shelters in Kyiv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi regions (50 places for women and children) Evacuation, resettlement: 0930176854.

16. Urgent assistance to people from Kherson: verified hotlines from the Ministry of Reintegration.

Hotline of Kherson OVA by phone: 0 800 330 951 or (091) 481-78-45.

Hotline of Kherson MBA: (050) 040-44-24, (098) 958-17-90.

Crisis response hotline of the Ministry of Reintegration: 15-48.

Organizations providing psychological assistance to Kherson residents.

Ministry of reintegration in Ukraine. mceclip0.png

1. NGO Mental Health Service mceclip0.png.

* Mykolaivska.

First psychological aid, transfer services for evacuated people from the railway and bus stations to places of temporary settlement in the city of Mykolaiv.

Contacts: +380962429132.

2. IsraAID.

*Mykolayivska, Odesa.

Roving CFS CFS PSS trainings - PFA, Stress Management.



*Mykolayivska, Odesa.

Consultation of a psychologist and a social worker. The international humanitarian organization INTERSOS provides free psychological assistance in Odesa and Mykolaiv. Contacts: 0636219302, Maria.

4. Charitable foundation "I am" mceclip0.png.

*Odesa, online - all of Ukraine.

Crisis counseling, psychosocial support groups, individual specialized psychotherapy services based on EMDR protocols, loss processing groups. Lectures and trainings on self-help skills, mindfulness, stress management.


5. BO "100% life Dnipro region" mceclip0.png.

* Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk.

  1. Mobile medical teams.
  2. Provision of medicines.
  3. Provision of food kits.
  4. Psychological assistance.
  5. Pre-medical care training.
  6. Support for HIV/TB treatment.

6. FHI 360.

*Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv.

Psychosocial consultations of mobile teams.

Psychologist consultations at hospitals in Zaporizhzhia, Chuguyev, Kryvyi Rih, Odesa, Zelenodolsk. Contact: +380992282201.

7. Project "Psychologists at war" mceclip0.png.

* Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya.

Mobile teams of psychotherapists, crisis psychologists and doctors. Individual, group and family consultations. Help for adults and children. Networks of specialists on the ground. educational trainings on topics devoted to accompanying adults and children in war conditions.

8. NGO "The Tenth of April".

* Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kirovohrad, Cherkasy.

Psychological first aid, individual consultations, master classes, educational sessions, well-being sessions, group support, trainings. Contact: 0800 33 28 58.

9. "In touch".

* Kherson.

Round-the-clock telephone line of psychological support for war victims (priority - Kherson region).

Round-the-clock free calls at numbers: 0503007338, 0965241741.

Project manager: Bohdan Rudenko, tel. 0999306184.

10. NGO "All-Ukrainian Association of Psychologists with Trauma-Focused Practice".

Free psychological assistance to military and civilians in the method of trauma-focused psychology (Israeli protocols). Work with different age groups with the following psychological targets: PTSD and its comorbidities, acute trauma, developmental trauma, sexual violence, combat trauma, work with amputees, orphans, psychosomatic conversions, somatoform disorders, addictions.

Individual psychological counseling by appointment (online, offline), psychological self-help trainings for the local population of Kherson and Mykolaiv, training courses for psychologists and workers in helping professions in trauma-focused psychology (certification, in cooperation with the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy and the University of Modern Knowledge).

Contact: 0971441445.

11. 5522.

All-Ukrainian call center for free psychological support of civilian and military Ukrainians. Anonymous free calls.

Contact: Yanina Sokolova Fund in cooperation with the NGO "ELEOS-Ukraine"

12. NGO "Psychological support and rehabilitation "Free Choice" mceclip0.png.

Psychological assistance to families of military personnel, IDPs, veterans, and victims of the terrorist attack at Kakhovskaya HPP. Assistance is provided throughout Ukraine online.

Contacts: +380636464991, .

13. NGO "Tysha | OneUkraine gGmbH".

Psychological assistance to victims. Groups of 6-week psychosocial support for women (immigrants + residents) in Zaporizhzhya and Mykolaiv, facilitated by female psychologists. Silent Meetings (100% offline, 100% for women).


14. Branch of the "Medicos del Mundo" Association in Ukraine.

1. Provision of psychological services by mobile teams (individual and group consultations, information sessions).

2. Conducting group sessions under the "Important skills in times of stress" program. You can sign up for a consultation with a psychologist:

Consultations are provided confidentially and free of charge.

15. Premiere Urgance Internationale.

They provide urgent psychological help (Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Donetsk regions). Services are provided through mobile teams. The team includes a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist, and a protection specialist.


16. Institute of Psychiatry of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

*The entire territory of Ukraine and in messengers for people abroad.

In Ukraine, since the first days of the war, on the basis of the Taras Shevchenko Institute of Psychiatry of KNU, the psychological support hotline "Stop Panic" has been operating. The main goal of the consultation work of the hotline is to remove signs of psychological instability and anxiety, to overcome panic and uncertainty about the future.

The number of the psychological support hotline "Stop Panic": 0 800 300 124.

17. Medical Teams International.

*Khersonska, Mykolayivska, Dnipropetrovsk.

Individual consultations of psychologists and group psychosocial support for men and women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. PFA and basic psychosocial support training for social workers and medical staff.

Contacts: Mariakhina Yelizaveta, Mykolaiv MMU Manager +380638890122, Kateryna Lytovchenko, Dnipro & Kherson MHPSS Manager +380636870439,

18. Center for mental health of the National Academy of Medical Sciences.


Psychosocial support, short-term psychotherapy.

Contact: 0800333234.

Useful contacts and links for relatives of military personnel.

1. Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights:

  • Hotline: 0 800 501 720;
  • website:

2. Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War:

  • website:

3. Additional information on military medical commissions (MMCs) and the algorithm of actions in case of injury:

  • website:

4. Psychosocial support service for military families:

An online legal aid platform for IDPs.

KOBLI: an online legal aid platform for IDPs.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has developed an online legal aid platform KOBLI.

KOBLI is a digital platform that provides free access to legal information for internally displaced persons and persons affected by the war in Ukraine.

The information on the platform is prepared and updated in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

Here you will find information on the following topics - Housing, land, property:

  • Fixing damaged housing, restoring real estate documents, inheritance during martial law, etc.

Internal displacement:

  • IDP registration, financial assistance, housing programs for internally displaced persons, and other issues.

Border crossing:

  • General information on border crossing during martial law.