Resources with more information regarding help in Slovenia

Official Website

Slovenia is helping people in need of protection who have fled from Ukraine. mceclip0.png

Information support

  • Ambulance, fire brigade - 112
  • Police - 113
  • Police, crime reporting, anonymous phone number โ€” 080 12 00

Caritas Slovenia. Website mceclip0.png.

Red Cross of Slovenia. Website mceclip0.png.

General reference information (toll number) โ€” 090 93 9881

All basic information about staying in Slovenia for Ukrainians: mceclip0.png

Information site mceclip0.png with current information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia.

Hotline for information on assistance to Ukrainians +386 1478 7530.

Information on assistance to help Ukrainians with temporary housing, transport, medical and legal issues and others. mceclip0.png

Intercity transport

Since June 1, Slovenia has a single travel ticket for all types of transport, except for city transport. The cost of the pass is 70 euros per month and 560 euros per year.

You can also purchase a pass with the possibility of transferring it to other people. However, it will cost more: 90 euros per month and 720 euros per year.

In addition, shorter-term travel tickets are available:

  • 15 euros per day;
  • 20 euros for three days;
  • 35 euros per week.

Source mceclip0.png.

Consultative chatbot of the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Culture VisitforUkraine:

Ukrainian Embassy

Main website and Facebook page for Ukraine's Embassy in Slovenia. mceclip0.png mceclip0.png