Resources with more information regarding help in Ireland

Official Website

If you are a citizen of Ukraine or are fleeing Ukraine, the Irish government will help you when you arrive in Ireland.ย  Information is available about the support and services available during your stay in Ireland. mceclip0.png

Information support

  • 999 is the main emergency service number
  • 112 is the emergency service number
  • 101 is the police emergency service number
  • 111 - Emergency medical assistance number

Trocaire organization in Ireland. Website mceclip0.png.

  • +353 1 62 93 333
  • Email:

Red Cross in Ireland. Website mceclip0.png.

  • 01-642-4679,

Those who become victims of crime while in Ireland can contact the Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS). ITAS staff can speak a number of foreign languages and will be able to help with any problems people face after a crime. Information brochures are available at all tourist offices.

  • Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00; Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 18:00
  • Contact details: Local phone: 1890 365 700 (from Irish phone numbers only); email:
  • ITAS, Pearse Street Garda, Pearse Street, Dublin 2, D02 W289. Phone: +353 1666 9354/1890 365 700 (local number)
  • ITAS, 6-7 Hannover Street East, Head Office, Dublin 2, D02 W320. Tel: +353 1666 0562 (outside Ireland)

Hotline of free psychological help in Belgium "YAK TI" program of Olena Zelenska +3531800817519

Consultative chatbot of the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Culture VisitforUkraine:

Information for people who have family in Ukraine, or for people in Ukraine who plan to travel to Ireland, or have recently arrived here. mceclip0.png

Ukrainian Embassy

Main website and Facebook page for Ukraine's Embassy in Ireland. mceclip0.png mceclip0.png