Job search platforms and sites:
  1. Work.Ua mceclip0.png One of the most popular job search platforms before the war.
  2. mceclip0.png A well-known resource that publishes hundreds of jobs every day.
  3. mceclip0.png Added a section "Jobs to win"
  4. Jooble mceclip0.png Work on different schedules and directions, about 80 thousand vacancies.
  5. Jobs.Dou mceclip0.png Jobs of IT companies.
  6. Upwork mceclip0.png Jobs for freelancers.
  7. Fiverr mceclip0.png For specialists in creative fields, freelancers.
  8. в-тилу.роб mceclip0.png You can also offer your help here.
  9. UA Talents mceclip0.png Non-profit job search platform.
  10. mceclip0.png An aggregate of job search sites. Here you can look for work in different countries and in different specialties.
Telegram channels for job search:Job now:
  1. Job now: Ukraine mceclip0.png Jobs for all specialties and areas.
  2. Good job mceclip0.png Jobs in Ukraine and abroad, language courses, tips on how to write a resume.
  3. Resume Jobs mceclip0.png Creative vacancies, volunteer offers.
  4. Happy Monday mceclip0.png Jobs, recommendations.
  5. Zaychenko team mceclip0.png Jobs for journalists, design, marketing, IT.
  6. Remote Jobmceclip0.png An English-language channel with vacancies in design and sales.
  7. Lobby X mceclip0.png An employment platform that creates opportunities for the use of human potential for the benefit of Ukraine. On the Lobby X website you will find current vacancies in business, public and government sectors.