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Can I get IDP status when returning from abroad?

On November 21, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced amendments to a number of government resolutions on the registration of IDPs and payments of state aid to them, in particular:

  • IDPs who have lived abroad for some time can apply for payments in 15 business days after returning to Ukraine. This applies to Those who apply for payments for the first time.
  • In case of repeated displacement as a result of mandatory evacuation after August 1, 2023, persons who previously received payments will be able to receive assistance for another 6 months. But only if they are included in the lists of evacuees approved by the regional military administrations. In case of evacuation with the help of volunteers or on your own, you must notify the EMA.
  • IDPs will receive payments for 3 months after the end of hostilities (possible hostilities) or temporary occupation in the settlements from which they moved. Previously, payments were stopped the following month.
  • An unemployed person of working age, in the absence of valid reasons, must facilitate his or her employment within 3 months from the date of the IDP payment. In particular, through employment, registration as an individual entrepreneur, applying for a business grant/study voucher, etc. Or to obtain the status of unemployed by registering at the employment center.

The Resolution also regulates the issue of issuing a certificate of IDP registration.

About unemployment status

Unemployment benefits are granted from the first day after a person is granted the appropriate status. While the martial law is in force the duration of the benefit cannot exceed 90 calendar days. However, persons of pre-retirement age (one year before the the right to retirement) can count on the payment of such for up to 360 calendar days.

How to register as unemployed?

You can register as unemployed in 3 ways:

  • in person, at the nearest employment center
  • via the Diia Portal
  • through your personal account on the service portal.

Support from the State Employment Service:

In case of applying to the employment service, specialists carry out individual selection of vacancies for each person, taking into account available education, acquired professional experience and wishes for the future workplace

Benefits of registering as unemployed:

  • obtaining financial support for the period of job search (unemployment benefit)
  • Opportunity for free vocational training (mastering a new profession/upgrading skills): in vocational schools; educational institutions of the employment service; directly at the workplace at the employer
  • individual career counseling and job search
  • individual support (personal consultant)
  • the possibility of legal employment, including temporary work (all vacancies are checked).
Professional training

The Employment Service provides training for registered unemployed persons in educational institutions, including vocational training centers of the State Employment Service, in 95 working professions and more than 400 educational programs. Such training is free of charge for the unemployed and is provided at the expense of the Compulsory State Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine for Unemployment. Upon successful completion of the training of the training, students receive a state-issued document on the award of the relevant qualification. You can learn a new profession can be obtained at the request of an employer or for self-employment, that is, when a person plans to become an entrepreneur.

Possibility to receive a voucher for training

This is a document that allows certain categories of citizens to upgrade their qualifications or acquire a new profession free of charge according to the list of 124 professions and specialities approved by the Ministry of Economy. The value of the voucher is currently UAH 30,280. This opportunity is available to people who are not registered as unemployed and have vocational or higher education. You can apply for a voucher in paper form or online. The application is processed within 3 business days

Getting grants to start your own business

First of all, we are talking about the "Own Business" grant project, which gives you the opportunity to receive from UAH 50 to 250 thousand to make your entrepreneurial dream come true.

Another grant programme, the Grant for Veterans and Their Spouses, is available to combatants or their spouses. The following grant amounts are available under this programme:

  • up to UAH 250 thousand - if one job is created;
  • UAH 250,000 to 500,000 - if two jobs are created;
  • UAH 500 to UAH 1 million may be received by a combatant or a person with a disability as a result of war, registered as an individual entrepreneur within 36 months before the date of submission of documents, provided that four new jobs are created.

You can apply for the grant programmes together with your business plan via the Diia portal.

Non-repayable financial assistance

Introduce incentive mechanisms to encourage unemployed able-bodied persons from low-income families to return to the labour market by providing non-repayable financial assistance (one-time in non-cash form) to start their own business.
The financial assistance cannot exceed 15 times the minimum wage established by law as of 1 January of the calendar year in which the decision to provide it is made (the maximum amount of financial assistance as of the beginning of 2024 is UAH 106,500).

Who can apply?

Unemployed able-bodied persons from low-income families who are registered as unemployed at the employment centre

How to get the service?

1. Prepare a package of documents.

2. Submit the package of documents to the nearest employment centre.

3. The Employment Centre makes a decision at a commission meeting, to which the applicant may be invited.

4. After receiving a positive decision, it is necessary to establish a legal entity or register a sole proprietorship within 30 calendar days.

5. Conclude a tripartite agreement.

6. Draw up contracts for the purchase of equipment materials and submit them to the employment centre for payment.


Result and ways of obtaining the result:

  • Decision to provide financial assistance to persons who have expressed a desire to conduct entrepreneurial activity
  • Decision to refuse to provide financial assistance to persons who have expressed a desire to conduct entrepreneurial activity

The applicant may receive the results of the service in person, by mail to the address specified in the application (by registered mail).

It should be noted that the funds received are refunded within three years of the project implementation through the payment of taxes and fees, primarily for employees hired for new jobs.