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When you leave the country, please ensure you have completed all the necessary procedural steps by notifying all the required services of your intentions in advance.

If you are planning to return to Ukraine, please note the following:

1. To withdraw from the temporary protection status, if you have been granted one, notify the authority that issued the residence permit via email or visit the institution in person, informing the relevant persons.

2. Notify the relevant state authorities in the country where you have been granted temporary asylum in advance if you receive any state financial assistance: social, unemployment, disability, child support, or other. Please inform us of your intentions by writing a letter indicating all family members covered by the assistance and the date of departure. If you have been receiving social benefits and plan to leave before the 15th of the current month, you need to return the money, otherwise you risk becoming a debtor upon your return to Ukraine.

3. Deregistration. To do this, you must visit the registration center with your passport and complete a deregistration form. You can also deregister by sending a mail or using your email address. You need to provide the following information:

  • Surnames and names of the persons returning to Ukraine.
  • Date of departure.
  • Address of the apartment you are leaving.
  • Address of the new place of residence, if known.

4. In most countries, if a person is deregistered with the competent registration authority, the registration authority transmits a corresponding electronic message to the tax service in an automated mode. With the transmission of this message, the database of the tax identification number of the person concerned is updated, and the data on traveling abroad is stored in the current data record. You don't need to notify the tax office directly. The tax identification number remains valid despite traveling abroad, and other data about the person remains in the database. If you would like information on the need to deregister, please contact the tax authorities of the country of residence. You must file a tax return electronically on the official portal if you have other income and salary.

5. If you have registered a business but want to close it, you must deregister it in the city and state authority where it was registered. You must cancel licenses and other permits if you have obtained them. Take care of the termination of employment agreements and other contracts if you have employees who comply with the terms of the agreements. File a tax return if you were employed and are a tax resident of the host country.

6. Close your bank account if you have opened one.

7. If you rent an apartment:

  • Pay attention to the terms and conditions of termination in your lease agreement. Usually, you have to notify your landlord three months before you leave and sign a termination agreement.
  • Also, cancel the internet, TV, and other agreements you have made related to the apartment in time.

9. Notify other institutions with which you have a contract, such as insurance companies, mobile phone services, gyms, etc.

10. If you have children who attend a school or kindergarten, inform the school administration about your move: email or email the educational institution in person.