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Do I need passport/vaccination certificate/chip to enter the country with a pet?

From September 1, Sweden cancels the simplified rules for importing pets from Ukraine.

Dogs, cats and ferrets that do not meet the requirements for entry will not be allowed at the Swedish border or, in the worst case, will be euthanized. It was reported on the website of the State Department of Agriculture of Sweden.

To continue the simplified rules for an animal already in Sweden, it must be taken to the vet no later than August 31. However, this does not apply if the owners have already visited a veterinarian with the animal or have received a written decision from the Swedish Board of Agriculture with further instructions.

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How can I get vaccination for my pet on the go?


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How can I travel with my pet on a plane?

There are several airlines that allow flight with a pet onboard. It is up to each airplane to establish their regulations and additional tariffs will be generally perceived. Therefore we advise you to get in contact with the specific airline.

The general rule is that pets (together with their crate) which remain below a certain weight may be carried in the cabin, whereas pets exceeding such threshold weight must be carried in the cargo area.ย 

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