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Are there any differences in traffic rules in this country compared to Ukrainian ones?

Standard speed limits in Croatia (unless otherwise stated on the signs)

Cars and Motorcycles:

  • in the village โ€“ 50 km/h;
  • outside the village โ€“ 90 km/h;
  • on the way โ€“ 110 km/h;
  • on the highway โ€“ 130 km/h.

Cars with trailers:

  • in the village โ€“ 50 km/h;
  • outside the village โ€“ 80 km/h;
  • on the way โ€“ 90 km/h;
  • on the highway โ€“ 90 km/h.

The speed limit for young drivers (up to 24 years of age) is 10 km / h lower than for other drivers (outside the village โ€“ 80 km / h, on the road โ€“ 100 km / h, on the motorway โ€“ 120 km / h).

The maximum permissible blood alcohol level is 0.5 โ€ฐ .

Children under 3 years of age must be transported on special seats in the front seats with their backs facing the direction of travel. In this case, the airbag must be deactivated.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 must be transported in special child restraint systems in the back seat.

Is it possible to drive a car with a Ukrainian driver's license?


Is it necessary to register the car in the new country of residence?


Is it possible to drive a car that has Ukrainian registration, but is registered not to the driver, but to another person? What documents are needed for this?


Is it necessary to insure the car in the host country? Is Ukrainian insurance enough?


What is a vignette? Do Ukrainian drivers need to buy it? How and where can they buy it?


What are the parking rules?

On Sundays, parking is free in most places. Street parking in Zagreb is divided into three zones: red, yellow and green.

The red zone is located near the city center, and the yellow and green zones are at some distance from it. The maximum parking time in the red zone is 1 hour, in the yellow zone - 2 hours, and in the green zone - 3 hours.

Payment vouchers are purchased from vending machines and placed on the dashboard under the windshield so that they are clearly visible from the outside.

Make sure you don't stay in the parking lot longer than the paid time. In case of violation of parking rules, the wheels will be locked. The price for removing the blocker is from 100 to 300 HRK (13-40 โ‚ฌ).

What are the most common fines? How and where can Ukrainians pay them?

Police officers have the right to impose fines for traffic violations on the spot. In this case, an official receipt must be issued. Fines must be paid at a post office or bank within eight days.

Foreign driver's licenses can be revoked for up to 8 days if they drive under the influence of alcohol, drive without prescribed medical equipment such as glasses, drive while tired or unwell.

Vehicles parked in violation of the rules may be seized by the police at the expense of the owner.

Popular fines:

  • If the blood alcohol level is up to 0.5 โ€ฐ, the fine is HRK 700 (โ‚ฌ 93).
  • If the blood alcohol level is more than 0.5 โ€ฐ and less than 1.0 โ€ฐ, the fine will be between 1,000 and 3,000 HRK (โ‚ฌ 133-399).
  • If the blood alcohol level is more than 1.0 โ€ฐ and less than 1.5 โ€ฐ, the fine will be between 3,000 and 5,000 HRK (399-666 โ‚ฌ).
  • If the blood alcohol level exceeds 1.5 โ€ฐ, the fine is HRK 5,000 to 15,000 (โ‚ฌ 666-1,997) or a prison sentence of up to 2 months.
  • Driving at half the speed limit for no good reason - HRK 300 (40 โ‚ฌ).
  • Turn left / right from your lane - HRK 300 (40 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to meet the requirements of a police officer - HRK 300 (40 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to comply with the requirement of traffic regulations to give a signal before starting a movement, changing lanes, turning, turning or stopping - HRK 300 (40 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to comply with traffic rules to allow all vehicles and pedestrians to pass when leaving a back road - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Driving on the motorway at a speed below the minimum speed (60 km / h) - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to comply with the requirement of the traffic rules to only move in the direction indicated by the green traffic light in the form of an arrow - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Failure to comply with traffic law requirements to give way to pedestrians - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Driving in a tunnel with no low beam - HRK 500 (67 โ‚ฌ).
  • Overtaking a vehicle from the right (except when the vehicle in front turns left) - HRK 700 (93 โ‚ฌ).
  • Exit an intersection or intersection in the event of an overload that forced the driver to stop, creating an obstacle to the vehicleโ€™s transverse direction - HRK 1,000 (โ‚ฌ 133).
  • Make a U-turn or drive backwards on a motorway - HRK 2,000 (โ‚ฌ 266).
  • Overtaking a vehicle while driving on a single lane road for movement in any direction with limited visibility (in a tunnel, on a bridge) - HRK 3,000 (โ‚ฌ 399).
  • Overtaking a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing - HRK 3,000 (โ‚ฌ 399).
  • Passage at a red light - HRK 2,000-5,000 (โ‚ฌ 266-666).
  • Violation of the driving rules by level crossings - HRK 2,000-5,000 (โ‚ฌ 266-666).
  • Leaving the location of a traffic accident by the driver that resulted in property damage - HRK 2,000-5,000 (โ‚ฌ 266-666).
  • Leaving the location of a traffic accident by the driver resulting in injury to other people - HRK 3,000-7,000 (โ‚ฌ 399-932).
What documents are required for registration of trailers/cargo (equipment, furniture, etc.)?


What to do if the car breaks down on the road?

The Croatian Auto Club (Hrvatski autoklub - HAK) provides refugees from Ukraine with free assistance on Croatian roads.

HAK mechanics will, if possible, eliminate the malfunction immediately on the spot, and if this is not possible, the HAK tow truck will take care of transporting the broken or damaged vehicle to the nearest service.

Ukrainian refugees who are in Croatia or traveling through the territory of Croatia, and who have a problem on the way, can contact HAK for help by calling +385 1 1987 or +385 1 46 93 700. It is necessary that at the time of a malfunction or road accident they were in the vehicle and that the vehicle had Ukrainian license plates.

HAK provides roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Do Ukrainians need to declare what they bought in Europe?

There are no restrictions on what you can buy and take with you when travelling within the EU provided that the bought products are for you own use and not for resale. Taxes on are already included in the retail price of the product. To determine if the products purchased are intended for your own use, customs authorities may verify the products, e.g. the packages or the quantity. In order to prove that goods are for your own use, authorities may ask to see the receipt or other proof of purchase. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence, you might have to pay duties or the products can be confiscated.

If you carry 10,000 euros or more in cash, alcohol drinks, tobacco products, fuel or other goods including perfume, certain restrictions may apply regarding the quantity and value of the products. For more information please check this site mceclip0.png.