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What documents do I need to work in this country?

If you are granted temporary protection, you will be able to work in Croatia even without work and stay permit.

To work in Croatia, as a person under temporary protection, you need to register in the unemployment register managed by Croatian Employment Service (Cro. Hrvatski zavod za zapoลกljavanje). When applying, it is necessary to provide basic information:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • ID card for a foreigner under temporary protection
  • Personal identification number (OIB) and
  • Proof of completed education (if in possession of one).

Registration is possible:

After registration, you will get an advisor who will help you to create a resume (curriculum vitae) and find a job. You will also be able to participate in job search preparation workshops in Ukrainian or English.

More information can be found on web page of Croatian Employment Service mceclip0.png and Ministry of the Interior - Employment in Croatia mceclip0.png.

Citizens of Ukraine who have been granted temporary protection in the Republic of Croatia have the same rights and obligations in the field of employment as citizens of Croatia, and can use the services of the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ) under the same conditions .

Where can I search for a job?

You can contact the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ) mceclip0.png.

You can also search for jobs on these sites:

Are there any services available to help me find a job?

There are many websites available where you can find a job. This is usually the fastest and the most comfortable method for seeking job applications.

The available jobs are usually divided into separate categories depending on the branch of the business. Many sites also allow you to drill down with certain parameters to better focus your search.

Here are some of the biggest job search sites in Croatia:

There are also Facebook groups and pages specifically for people looking for jobs in Croatia. Here is a list of them:
Are there any diploma and professional equivalence programs? How and where do I apply?

The procedure for professional recognition of foreign higher education qualifications in Croatia is carried out by Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education (Cro. Agencija za znanost i visoko obrazovanje). The procedure is initiated by submitting a written application to the Agency, with the following enclosures:

  • Original or certified copy of the foreign qualification (confirmations or substitute documents of foreign qualification are not accepted);
  • Original of the official document issued by the higher education institution containing the information on: (i) subjects taken and grades received, (ii) official name and duration of the study program and (iii) admission requirements (e.g. diploma supplement);
  • Certified Croatian translations of documents mentioned above;
  • Certified copies of previously acquired higher education qualification(s);
  • Certificate of citizenship (original or certified copy of the document proving your citizenship or passport for foreigners), certificate of refugee status or status of exile;
  • Copy of marriage certificate or official decision of the competent authority (for those applicants who changed their first or last name);
  • Resume (Curriculum vitae) in Croatian or English language containing course of education and work experience;
  • List of science papers and information of their publication (necessary when applying for recognition of Ph.D. study);
  • Copy of all enclosed documents including the application form.

Link of the application form can be found here mceclip0.png.