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Are there any differences in traffic rules in this country compared to Ukrainian ones?

Standard speed limits in Latvia (unless otherwise indicated on signs). Cars and motorcycles:

  • in the village - 50 km/h;
  • outside the village - 90 km/h;
  • on the road - 110 km/h.

Cars with trailers:

  • in the village - 50 km/h;
  • outside the village - 80 km/h;
  • on the road - 90 km/h.

The maximum speed in a residential area is 20 km/h.

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5โ€ฐ.

Low beam is needed 24/7 all year round. The fine for driving without dipped headlights during the day is 10 euros.

When transporting children less than 150 cm tall, cars with seat belts must be equipped with special seats or stands that correspond to the age and weight of the child. Violation of this rule involves a fine of 30 to 70 euros.

Front and rear passengers must wear seat belts. The fine is between 30 and 70 euros or a warning.

It is forbidden to use a phone, tablet or any other mobile device that does not have the technical capabilities to conduct hands-free conversations while driving. The fine ranges from 25 to 100 euros.

Is it possible to drive a car with a Ukrainian driver's license?


Is it necessary to register the car in the new country of residence?

Citizens of Ukraine can drive on vehicles registered in Ukraine for three months from the moment of entry, without registering the vehicle in Latvia.

If a vehicle registered in Ukraine will be used in Latvia for more than three months, it can be temporarily registered for a period of up to 3 years to a civilian resident of Ukraine without a certificate of compliance (more detailed information mceclip0.png). When a vehicle is temporarily registered, license plates and a Latvian registration certificate are issued.

Documents and license plates submitted during temporary registration are stored and issued with the removal of the vehicle from the register for export from Latvia.

Is it possible to drive a car that has Ukrainian registration, but is registered not to the driver, but to another person? What documents are needed for this?


Is it necessary to insure the car in the host country? Is Ukrainian insurance enough?


What is a vignette? Do Ukrainian drivers need to buy it? How and where can they buy it?

1-day vignette โ€“ valid until midnight of the current day (if a receipt issued on the same day as the vignette is provided, it is valid for 24 hours from the date indicated on the receipt).

7-day vignette โ€“ valid for 7 days (for example, from January 20, 2023 to January 26 inclusive).

1-month vignette โ€“ valid until the same day of the following month (for example, from 20.01.2023 to 19.02.2023 inclusive).

1-year vignette โ€“ valid for 1 year (for example, from January 20, 2023 to January 19, 2024 inclusive).

A paper vignette can be purchased at gas stations of Statoil, Lukoil, Baltic Petroleum, ORLEN Lietuva, EMSI, as well as at border points and other places marked with a special sign.

Only entry to the tourist zone of Jurmala is paid. The cost of participation is valid from April 1 to September 30. The rest of the time (from October 1 to March 31) entry to Jurmala is free.

What are the parking rules?

There are 6 parking zones in Riga: A, B, C, D, R and V, in which operating hours, parking fees and payment methods may vary. The map with the zoning of parking lots can be viewed on the Rigas Satiksme website mceclip0.png. Currently, there are five payment methods at paid parking lots in Riga: prepaid, postpaid, by phone, monthly subscription and resident card.

When paying in parking meters, a receipt for the use of a paid parking space must be placed in a clearly visible place on the left side of the front panel of the vehicle so that the controller has the opportunity to check the presence and content of this document: Information on payment , Period of validity and document number must be visible.

The maximum time for free use of a paid parking lot during operation is 5 minutes. The maximum time allowed for free use of the paid parking space after the payment period has expired is 15 minutes.

More detailed information is available here mceclip0.png.

What are the most common fines? How and where can Ukrainians pay them?

Fines should not be paid directly to the police officer at the site of the offense. Fines must be paid within 30 days or an appeal will be filed. The unit of the fine is used to calculate the fines โ€“ NSV (1 NSV = 5 EUR).

The complaint must be submitted within 10 working days from the date of notification of the imposition of an administrative penalty.

Most popular road fines:

  • Driving in a lane intended for public transport - 40 โ‚ฌ.
  • Driving on the roadside - 40 โ‚ฌ.
  • U-turn at level crossings - 55 โ‚ฌ.
  • Driving on bike paths, footpaths or sidewalks - 55 โ‚ฌ.
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front - from 25 to 140 โ‚ฌ.
  • Stopping on sidewalks, level crossings or where prohibited - 40 โ‚ฌ.
  • The windshield wipers do not work on the driverโ€™s side in rain or snow - 30 โ‚ฌ.
  • Overtaking at level crossings, footpaths and tunnels 55 โ‚ฌ.
  • Exit an intersection or intersection in the event of an overload that forced the driver to stop, creating an obstacle to the vehicleโ€™s transverse direction - 30 โ‚ฌ.
  • Go in the opposite direction on a one-way street - 55 โ‚ฌ.
  • Driving into the lane for oncoming traffic when overtaking - 55 โ‚ฌ.
  • Turn left or make a U-turn, which violates the requirements of traffic signs or road markings- 30 โ‚ฌ.
  • No alarm during an emergency stop or for passengers to disembark during the day - 30 โ‚ฌ.
  • No alarm during an emergency stop or to get passengers off at night or in poor visibility - 40 โ‚ฌ.
  • Passage at a red light - from 30 to 140 โ‚ฌ.
  • Aggressive driving - from 70 to 280 โ‚ฌ.


If the blood alcohol level is more than 0.5 โ€ฐ and less than 1.0 โ€ฐ, the fine is โ‚ฌ 430 to โ‚ฌ 640 and the deprivation of the right to drive a car for 12 months.

If the blood alcohol level is more than 1.0 โ€ฐ and less than 1.5 โ€ฐ, the fine is โ‚ฌ 850 to โ‚ฌ 1,400 and the deprivation of the right to drive a car for three years.

If the blood alcohol level is more than 1.5 โ€ฐ, the fine is โ‚ฌ 1,200 to โ‚ฌ 2,000, which removes the right to drive a car for five years. The same punishment threatens in case of refusal to be examined for the presence of alcohol or narcotics or psychotropic, toxic or other intoxicating substances in the human body.

For drivers whose driving experience does not exceed 2 years, the maximum permissible value is 0.2 โ€ฐ.

Speeding fines in Latvia

Latvia has different speeding fines in and out of settlements. For motorcycles and cars:

  • up to 10 km/h - a warnin;
  • from 11 km/h to 20 km/h - up to 40 โ‚ฌ or warning;
  • from 21 km/h to 30 km/h - from 40 โ‚ฌ to 80 โ‚ฌ;
  • from 31 km/h to 40 km/h - from 80 โ‚ฌ to 160 โ‚ฌ;
  • from 41 km/h to 50 km/h - from 220 โ‚ฌ to 320 โ‚ฌ;
  • from 51 km/h to 60 km/h - from 240 โ‚ฌ to 460 โ‚ฌ;
  • over 60 km/h - from 340 to 680 โ‚ฌ.
What documents are required for registration of trailers/cargo (equipment, furniture, etc.)?


Do Ukrainians need to declare what they bought in Europe?

There are no restrictions on what you can buy and take with you when travelling within the EU provided that the bought products are for you own use and not for resale. Taxes on are already included in the retail price of the product. To determine if the products purchased are intended for your own use, customs authorities may verify the products, e.g. the packages or the quantity. In order to prove that goods are for your own use, authorities may ask to see the receipt or other proof of purchase. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence, you might have to pay duties or the products can be confiscated.

If you carry 10,000 euros or more in cash, alcohol drinks, tobacco products, fuel or other goods including perfume, certain restrictions may apply regarding the quantity and value of the products. For more information please check this site mceclip0.png.