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Are there any differences in traffic rules in this country compared to Ukrainian ones?

Standard speed limits in Finland (unless otherwise stated on signs).

Cars and motorcycles:

  • in the village - 50 km/h;
  • outside the village - 80 km/h;
  • on the highway - 120 km/h.

Cars with trailers:

  • in the village - 50 km/h;
  • outside the village - 80 km/h;
  • on the highway - 80 km/h.

In the winter months from October to March, the speed limit can be reduced by 20 km/h compared to the standard values.

There are many speed cameras in Finland. There is always a warning sign in front of each camera. In addition, several other cameras can be placed behind the first camera at a distance of several kilometers.

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5โ€ฐ.

If the blood alcohol level is between 0.5 โ€ฐ and 1.2 โ€ฐ, the fine is calculated from 15 daily rates and the cancellation of the driver's license.

Is it possible to drive a car with a Ukrainian driver's license?

According to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency mceclip0.png, you can drive in Finland with a Ukrainian driver's license, and you do not need to present a translation of the license or an international driver's license. Driving licenses that have expired after February 24, 2022 are also currently accepted as they cannot be renewed due to the war.

A Ukrainian driver's license allows you to drive a car in Finland until you have a permanent place of residence in Finland and two more years from the beginning of the permanent residence.

If the person is identified, the right to drive can be accepted by other reliable means of proof, such as a photo of a driver's license, which shows personal data and information about the right to drive with sufficient accuracy.

On the basis of a Ukrainian driver's license, you can get a temporary driver's license

A citizen of Ukraine can obtain a temporary driver's license in Finland if his own driver's license remained in his homeland, was lost or destroyed during the war. A temporary driver's license is issued for one year. The applicant must provide a reliable explanation of the Ukrainian driver's license. Such a reliable statement can be

  • a photo taken from a driver's license, which contains the driver's license data;
  • an extract from the driver's license from which the same can be indicated.

A temporary driver's license does not give the right to drive a vehicle abroad. A temporary driver's license can be obtained at Ajovarma service points mceclip0.png.

For questions regarding the driver's license you can call the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency - 029 534 5113.

Is it necessary to register the car in the new country of residence?

You have the right to use your car for six months with no registration mceclip0.png.

However, the importation of the car must be reported to the Tax Administration using this form mceclip0.png within six months after importation. Upon application, the Tax Administration can extend the six-month period of tax-free use for a maximum of one year. If the Tax Administration has extended the period of tax-free use, then you can use the car in Finland for 1.5 years without mandatory registration in Finland.

Additional information on taxable and non-taxable use of a vehicle can be found on the website of the Tax Administration mceclip0.png.

The main terms of use of vehicles are:

  • vehicle has national registration numbers and the nationality of the country of registration;
  • vehicle has valid technical inspection;
  • vehicle has valid insurance.

Technical inspection from Ukraine of a vehicle in the Ukrainian registry must be valid if the vehicle is used in Finland. A vehicle that has passed technical inspection in Ukraine can be used in traffic in Finland.

Is it possible to drive a car that has Ukrainian registration, but is registered not to the driver, but to another person? What documents are needed for this?

If you are traveling abroad in someone else's car or in a company-owned car, you need a power of attorney that allows it.

Take the vehicle registration certificate (technical passport) with you. The owner or user of the car can order it for free through the Traficom online service or pick it up at the inspection station.

Is it necessary to insure the car in the host country? Is Ukrainian insurance enough?

Using a vehicle registered abroad in Finland requires that the vehicle has valid insurance. The Ukrainian Green Card is required. If your Green Card has expired, contact your insurance company to send you a PDF version of the new Green Card. Ukrainians have exclusive permission to present a Green Card with a picture from their phone.

If the vehicle does not have a valid Green Card, it will be necessary to take the Frontier Motor Liability Insurance. This insurance for a Ukrainian vehicle can be obtained at the Customs office mceclip0.png or at the Transport Insurance Center at (Itรคmerenkatu 11 - 13, 00180 Helsinki). it is necessary to present a Ukrainian passport and vehicle documents. Additional information about the Frontier Motor Liability Insurance can be found here mceclip0.png.

What is a vignette? Do Ukrainian drivers need to buy it? How and where can they buy it?

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What are the parking rules?

Most small towns in Finland have free parking. They are mostly located near the main sights and large supermarkets (Anttila, City Market, Prizma).

An exception is the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Parking in the center of Helsinki costs 3 euros per hour. In some areas, parking without a parking meter is prohibited. The need for such watches is always indicated on separate signs. It also indicates the maximum time allotted for parking. The time-of-arrival parking meter is located under the windshield of the car. You can buy parking meters at auto parts stores, gas stations, R-kioski kiosks or gas stations. You do not need to use the parking meter in paid parking areas. Paid parking spaces are marked with a separate sign.

Incorrect parking fine from 10 to 40 euros.

What are the most common fines? How and where can Ukrainians pay them?

The most common violations of traffic rules:

  • Failure to comply with the requirements of traffic signs 100 โ‚ฌ.
  • Dangerous driving 70 โ‚ฌ.
  • Violations related to vehicle documents 40 โ‚ฌ.
  • Throwing garbage on the street 100 โ‚ฌ.
  • Passing through a red light from 64 โ‚ฌ.
  • Violation of overtaking rules from 84 โ‚ฌ.
  • Failure to meet the stop requirement from 72 โ‚ฌ.
  • Ignoring a stop sign from 48 โ‚ฌ.
  • Improper loading of the car from 48 โ‚ฌ.
What documents are required for registration of trailers/cargo (equipment, furniture, etc.)?

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Do Ukrainians need to declare what they bought in Europe?

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